Meanings Of Some Smileys

  1. What do these smileys mean?
    :push: Doh

    :borg1: borg1

    :borg: borg

    :lol: lawl

    :dots: dots

    they're so cute but do not wanna use them inappropriately! TIA
  2. good question!!!!(I wanted to ask but i felt kind of stupid);)
  3. :push: Doh -- is from the Simpsons I assume.

    :lol: lawl -- is Laughing A Whole Lot, I think!
  4. did we have to use smileys according to meaning?? I just use 'em if the expression on their face relates regardless of " :.smile1.:" or ":flowers.:" kwim?
  5. oh no we don't have to use them according to meaning, but imo, they should somehow relate to the mood of what you're posting, for example if i wish someone well and then attach a smiley that means "you're creepy" and i don't know the would be embarrassing for me and upsetting for recipient :p
  6. My gosh! I love this thread...I've spent waay too much time trying to decipher some smilelys...I thought I was the only one!
    :push: DOH is probably from the simpon's and it just means...well...kind of like it sounds when you say it real sharp and fast...doh!...kind of an 'oh sh-t'. Hard to explain.
    :borg: The borgs...I had to ask and still don't know for sure, but I think it means like a robot...or a smiley used to detect or investigate...oh forget it...I have no clue.
    :lol: The lawl...didn't know...but the above post sounds right! Thanks!
    :dots: The dots...see how I OVERUSE them! ha! It means 'so on and so forth', or you can use them improperly like I do all the time now that I'm cyber friendly and use them for 'a wait in time'. Like if you're going to ask someone something you could write, "So...where are you going to eat?" (I've lost my grammar skills since hanging out online!) With the smiley's expression it's probably more like, "And...?" to someone not getting to the point.

    So...what does the adorable choo choo mean? It's one of my favorites. Does it mean 'crazy'?
  7. Exactly! THere have been a few times I picked a smiley because of the face then thought to read it's 'title' and erased it as I didn't want the op to take it wrong!
  8. LOL choochoo is one of my faves too...i think it means an energetic "let's go!!!!" but in a playful way or it could mean "here i come!!"

    ty for explanation of the dots, and there should be one for envious................since we're always saying in the PurseForums that we're jealous/envious of someone's collection... oh maybe the greengrin is for that? or for something environmental?

    and i am dying to use the borg but don't wanna be inappropriate lol

    hey , there should be one for "doing the dastardly deed":yahoo:
  9. Ha! THere are always a few that I'm just itching to use just cuz they're cute too!
    I can't think of any that I want to make up, but I know I have a small list cuz when posting, inevitably I's a______ smiley when you need one!
  11. I wish there was a smiley that 'mooned' us. Just the visual imagery makes me giggle.
  12. I have always wondered this, too! I just end up using the smile by the expression that I envision in my mind at that time.
    My favorite are::wtf: Love those eyes!
    :cutesy:So cute!
    :weird:I just laugh each time I see that.
    :lol: My favorite one, not sure what it is, but I love it.

    I always wondered about the borg ones, too.
  13. I love the borg one but have never used it. I have to say tho that I love star trek. Nothing better then watching trek on tv and using the net to look through this forum :yes:

    oh i couldnt resist :borg: :borg1: There I have used it feel so good now.....:yahoo:

    I think this smiley is cool, but always unsure if I should use it, he does look a bit pervy :graucho:
  14. :feminist: This is probably my favourite off this site, it always makes me smile. X-D Not too often a use for it though.