meanie E-bay seller...

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  1. Please tell me if I am in the wrong.

    I bought a failry new signature stripe tote in punch. Received it late yesterday and left positive feedback.

    Well, today BF surprised me with the new 2008 signature stripe tote in pink for an anniversery gift. It is not my favorite, but he NEVER buys me anything but wistlets ( he does not get my habit). He said he knew I had been bidding on a bag ( the peony tote) and did not win so he got this for me. ( When I lost the peony auction, I bought the regular sig. stripe with a BIN) .

    I contacted the seller and explained what happened ( she has a 7day return policy) and she said she could not take it back since I already left feedback. ( She even typed in all cops= yelling!):confused1:

    I absolutely cannot return what BF bought me- he will never buy for me again. I don't even want to risk returning it and looking ungratefull.

    I think she should accept it back under her 7 day policy. What would you do? I am sure I can list and sell it easily on eBay, but that is not the point. I sent her a reply email saying that I was really disappointed and this was not good eBay practice.



  2. This probably should be posted over in the eBay forum.

    I can kind of understand where the seller is coming from, it looked like the transaction was a done deal since you left feedback. I have never sold anything on eBay so I am not sure how it all works with seller's return policies. If she will not take it back, I would return the bag your BF got or sell the eBay bag yourself. Would your BF not be understanding if you told him that you just got a similar bag? Perhaps if you tell him that you do like the bag, but since you just got one that is very similar, you would rather exchange it for a bag that you will get more use out of. Invite him to come along and tell him that you value his opinion on another bag. It really stinks to keep a bag that you don't like because you will not use it.
  3. She should accept it back, your best bet is to resell it.
  4. I'm sorry. I wouldn't accept a return either for somebody changing their mind. There are fees and time involved.

    Congrats on your new bags. Maybe you could sell the one you just bought?
  5. Once you leave feedback the transaction is kind of over. That's why it is best to wait until you are sure you are going to keep an item before leaving feedback.

    I would talk to your boyfriend and explain the situation. He should understand that since you can't return the one you bought on ebay, you are going to have to return the one he bought.

    Or since both totes are different in style and shade of pink, are you sure you don't want to keep both, especially if you got a great deal on the ebay one?
  6. As an ebay seller I accept returns but only if the item is grossly misrepresented or not found to be authentic, which obviously has never happened. I would not allow a return based on you changing your mind or getting another one instead. You would be out more money anyway because of shipping, and she will be out more money because of fees and such. I know the punch color is a really hot color so I am sure you could sell it for the same if not more. :yes:
  7. I would just resell it if I were you.
  8. This is what I was going to say...the bags are different! Keep them both!
  9. I think that ebay sellers need to be clear about their return policy--does she specify that returns are only for certain situations? I am certainly entitled to return things to a store if I change my mind, and that, to me, is a risk that ebay sellers take (unless they specify "no returns"). Still, all caps from that seller was rude and unnecessary. If you like both, I say "keep 'em." If not, I say, keep the one you like best and either resell (the ebay one) or return (the other). Hopefully, your bf will understand the situation and still realize how happy he made you with that wonderful surprise!
  10. Its a done deal. She did nothing wrong on her part. Unless you offer to pay for your own shipping back and her paypal/ebay fees i dont see why she should take it back.
  11. to be fair...its not her fault...i am sure u can sell it easily in ebay or somewhere else..:tup:
  12. I'd have to agree - since you already left fb the deal is done. I know what you mean though - my dh doesn't get my habit either. I'd just sell the other bag on ebay.
  13. What was the return policy she stated in the auction? That's the crux of the issue. If it's an open-ended 7 days without conditions, then she should take it back (but be prepared to pay restocking charge or fees or whatever else she stated plus eat the shipping charge). If it was returns for misrepresentation, then it's not her fault you got another bag and have changed your mind on this bag.
  14. As a seller I wouldn't take it back. Like someone said above there are fees involved and BIG TIME lately!

    So I would def. charge you to return it because of the money lost...

    If I were you I'd just resell it. Maybe you can make a couple bucks on it...
  15. If the seller has a return policy, it doesn't matter what the reason would be. She can still file a mutual agreement to get the fees back. If you offer to be refunded the total minus the shipping plus $10.00 for her listing fee and time maybe that would help?