Meanest prank EVER

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  1. #1 Jun 27, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2016
    My (preloved) 40 cm B lost a stud and I sent it to Paris to get it fixed 10 weeks ago.

    In the whole time I was so nervous that it might be a counterfeit.

    Today the Hermès boutique called and left a message my husband took for me.

    He turned around to me and said (with the most severe expression on his face):

    "Hermes called, it is about your Birkin. There is a problem, you better call them back".

    Actually the bag is back and won't cost a dime, but this prank was the meanest EVER EVER EVER.

    Just wanted to tell you, perhaps you need a good laugh today;)
  2. Oh, lord, I would have collapsed. And then gotten up off the floor and killed my DH.
    Glad all is well, but you're right. That was the meanest EVER!
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  3. Haha! He does have a sense of humor.
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  4. This is hilarious! It's awesome that he has such a great sense of humor. Happy your B is back in service!
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  5. You gotta plot to get him back. :graucho:
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  6. yes he does- otherwise he couldn't survive with me as his wife- Last week he had to go to daughter's school as I signed a test with " signature". I found it funny.

    I am so happy! Will bring her home this week :biggrin:
    Well, actually I lead x:1. The beginning of our relationsship started with a visit in a DIY warehouse where I found the most kitch as kitch can procellaine figure (ridicously large!) and made him believe that I instantly fell in love with it and gonna buy it. Hahahaa that was so funny :biggrin:

    (ok, reading that I have a clue that this prank was well deserved).
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  7. My heart dropped! But LOL your husband is very cool! Now how to get him back.....
  8. You guys have a really great relationship!

    I laughed with you but if DH had done that I would have either screamed or fainted.

    So glad your bag made it back home
  9. Interesting couple
    Life should be such
    Adding sparks and teasing
  10. Oh my... Lol. He started a prank war with you! Glad your bag made it back safely with a new stud replacement
  11. Just for that I think that you deserve a new birkin (at your husband's expense).
    That should teach him a lesson.
  12. I would have said, "oh yeah? that must be the new one I just ordered. They're probably just confirming ALL the customized requests I had. Thanks honey! It's beautiful. I love it!"

    LOL. 2 can play this prank!
  13. Tell him calmly:

    I know, that is why I used your credit card and bought myself a Himalayan Birkin from H yesterday!
  14. This! . Hilarious! My DH's response would be: what's that? Lol
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  15. Ha ha ha....