Mean Queen Leona Leaves $12 Million to Pooch, Zilch to Grandkids

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  1. [​IMG]The late Leona Helmsley -- the Queen of Mean -- left big bucks to her dog, Trouble, but not one red cent to two of her grandkids, reports the New York Post, and none to her 12 great-grandchildren either.

    Her will leaves a total of $50 million in bequests to Trouble the dog and three family members, and it should be noted, the rest of her estate to the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. That, of course, totals somewhere between $4 and $8 billion.

  2. :wtf::wtf: $12 million dollars to a dog?!?! I bet the family is shocked.
  3. Wow, I'm sure they'll contest that in court. It's very likely the family will claim she was insane when she wrote her will and will fight to get a proper share of the money.
  4. ^ Yeah.
    Most likely senile. I don't think she went bag shopping enough.
  5. Holy smokes Batman, she looks like the Joker!
    Wish knew how to post pics.
  6. Get the address/url of the pic and place it like this in your post:


    Without spaces.
  7. I wouldn't care to be honest and I wouldn't contest it.

    If she wants to leave all her money to her dog then it's her money and her decision (even if it is a little weird lol). I wouldn't fight for money that wasn't intended for me.
  8. I guess she really loved that doggie of hers!
  9. I just look at a picture of her and think what a beeyotch. yes, it's her money and I'm happy she loves her dog, but I just can't imagine she was a loving grandmother who adored her children..
  10. I say, it's her money, she can leave it to whomever she pleases, even if its her darling pooch, Trouble. As for the rest of the family, why should they feel entitled to her money?
  11. My SO told me this story via gmail....unreal. How about donating that 12 million to a charity!!! :s
  12. Exactly. Why do people think because they are a blood relation, that they "earned" any money from her??? I know Leona was a *****, but I bet her relatives were just waiting for her to kick the bucket and collect. This should be a lesson to all the spoiled brats in Hollywood and Trust Fund babys who think because their parents or relatives have money means that don't get jack. I will wait for the "Trouble" reality show to come up now.
  13. I heard she left money to two of her grandchildren and left the other two out.

    Like the others said, she doesn't 'owe' her relatives anything.

    Um, I could say more but I don't want to speak ill of the dead.
  14. this is strange. what happens to the money after her dog passes?
  15. I find it absolutely appalling. Not even funny. $12 mil to a dog? Sure it's fine to leave money to make sure the dog is comfortable and taken care of... but it seems to be a slap in the face to anyone in greater need. No one says she has to give it to her family, but how about the money to charity?