Mean nasty competition on ebay :(

  1. So I've been selling authentic bags on eBay (yes, actual authentic, as opposed to 90% of the fakes). In my adds I always listed how you could tell it was real as opposed to a fake. I think this really ticked off the fakers because it exposed their items as fake! So I kept getting my listings reported and pulled for various reasons - excessive shipping ($15!!), counterfeit, etc. etc. Now my account has been suspended!!

    So I also have a website, and wanted to know what makes people shop at authentic bag websites. Why do you choose certain sites over others? The only customers I got were people who found my website from eBay. So now I'm dead in the water with THOUSANDS of dollars invested in my business. HELP!
  2. OMG! I have the same problem girl. Your post answered my question why my ID was suspended. I was so clueless. Emailed eBay several times why they suspended me and they havent replied to me yet until now. Ive been having lots of problems ebay canceling my items saying that my item was fake, excessive shipping , etc. My items are al 100% genuine and I always offer money back guarantee. I lost so much money too.I have so many sleepless night girl. Now, my question is did you appeal you case? after this, what will happen? are we going to have our ID's re instated?
  3. Honestly, no matter what you do, they won't reinstate your account. It's really annoying. There are ways to get back on with a new ID, but it's a lot of work. Frankly, I think I'm done with Ebay. I feel like I'm competing with liars and cheaters. How do you compete with someone selling the same bag that is fake to your real one when they sell it at half the price that you can buy them wholesale? I decided that I just need to move on and work on promoting my website. The ebay fees are killing me anyway. I feel like I could probably use the money toward marketing.

    I understand why ebay trust and safety have their systems in place, but it's frustrating when the very people they are trying to prevent from selling are abusing the system to make headway.

    Are there any more friendly sites where people sell authentics and actually able to make sales?

    I'm so disheartened! To get a good knowledge of authentics, I spent so much time researching, going to boutiques, and even went as far as ordering a couple fakes to examine them to see what the differences were (to market mine as real, I like to show off in pics what the fakes don't have).

    How long did you last before your suspension?
  4. So sorry this happened to you design, ebay is a nightmare at the minute! They suspend honest sellers & leave hundreds of fakes on there, no rhyme or reason to it!
  5. One example of a fashion website that I trust is jemznjewels because I saw it mentioned in a several magazine articles. Thinking back, that may have been rather naive, but because of the longevity of the website (another plus) I trust her more. ( I believe one article was on how to buy designer at a discount, another was how to spot fake bags. )
  6. I too have had the same issues. It is so NOT fair! All of my LV bags are AUTHENTIC, I SWEAR on my life! I am about done with ebay too. I pay them way too much to be treated like garbage!

    Most of the websites that sell bags are fake. Eluxury sells authentic items!
  7. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. It's a real tragedy for everyone, you the seller of authentic goods, as well as the hundreds of buyers looking for a good deal on a real bag. Ebay really need to tighten it up and support sellers like your self and boot the rest of those dirty counterfeit bag sellers.
    As far as what makes me trust a website that states it sells auth. bags...I dont really. I am very leary of almost all websites that say they sell authentic bags unless it's eluxury,NM, Saks etc. Of course a money back guarrantee helps. Anyway, good luck with everything and I really hope it all works out for you~~
  8. I used to give hints on things in auctions to watch out for until I had a nut case sending me messages over and over, and others with threats, etc.

    Now, I just do my listings, mind my own business and do not give any advice to buyers. I have not received any adverse emails lately.
  9. So you are saying you buy authentic bags at wholesale pricing? What kind of bags are you buying at wholesale?
  10. Wow, that sounds like a ton of work on your website production - I hope it works out for you! I am extremely leary of buying anything from anywhere on the web unless it is from a reputable store like NM & Nordstrom, as far as clothing/handbags are concerned.

    I would be a little more confident in using a website if I were referred to it via a nod from one of the tech gurus on the local TV channels.
  11. wow, that stinks big time. I am so happy I only have a couple of bags left to sell. Every time I think I'm done I find a couple of more hiding in a box or something. Good luck!
  12. Gucci's and Fendi's. My wholesalers also offer others like Chloe's but they are a little out of my league.
  13. Don't be disheartened! Been there, done that! I had my account suspended last year on ebay. It took ALOT of work, but I got my account reinstated and with no restrictions. Had and have a website that helps consumers identify fake LV's and report them to ebay and am now an MPRS.

    Don't give up hope. I started my website over a year ago, get MANY emails, help MANY people purchase authentic LV (if they don't come here to the "Authenticate This" threads) on ebay, and occasionally sell my pre-loved bags to fund new ones.

    Stand up to ebay. Unfortunately, you have to fight for it.

    Good luck!
  14. I also got all of my bags pulled last year. I think because I posted on the eBay purse message board which made me easier to find. After a lot of work they reinstated my account and items. I also early this year got my listing limit lifted. I am crossing my fingers that this is it for me. You have to be very persistent. Think of it as any other job. Your supervisors only pay you more if you get results, so even if it's against your nature you do everything (ethical) that you can to get the results and don't take no for an answer. It took months with eBay but they eventually gave in and reinstated my account in good standing.
  15. I hope you're not using luna estrella fashion:tdown: Cause they sell fakes as wholesale authentic bags from an italian broker! I ordered from them one time and she sold me a bunch of fake fendi and gucci bags!!!!