Mean girls

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  1. How do you ladies deal with "mean girls" in your life ?
  2. I don't. If I find someone's attitude causes too much stress in my life, I tend to keep them far away as possible and it I have to see them, it's usually with a couple more people. I don't have dinner or go out with them 1 on 1. I can't let people's negative attitude distract me from trying to be positive and happy most days.
  3. I wish them out to the cornfield ala 'Anthony' in "Its A Good Life" (Twilight Zone Season 3, Episode 8).
  4. I'm too old to have them in my life tbh.
  5. Um, stop having them in my life? :shrugs:
  6. well sometimes you cant just avoid them. what if they are co-workers? family?
  7. Mean girls are everywhere I've learned that lesson the hard way! Being a psych major I've learned that when ppl are mean to you for no reason it's because they are insecure and you have some thing that they lack in their personality or life. You personally haven't don't anything to them to make them be mean but they are haters and I have learned that they are going to be mean regardless of if I am doing well or poorly. So instead of dealing with them I ignore them and focus on being the best possible version of myself. Like the saying goes haters are gonna hate regardless of whether you are doing amazing or poorly so might as well give them a reason to hate
  8. You can avoid anyone IMO :shrugs:
    If my family treated me poorly = mean girl I wouldn't see them. period.
    If I have "friends" who show signs of this I phase them out.
    If I had a co-worker I'd avoid and ignore.
  9. I've encountered a few behaviors in work situations, but I don't think the women felt like they were being mean. I heard that a couple of them were seeking counsel as to how to avoid coming across as abrasive or dominant.
  10. Sometimes I find these people have the excuse that they're not a "people person". Whatever that means. It doesn't take much to be polite, even if it means you're not over the top friendly. I guess the whole mean thing bothers me because I just don't understand it in the slightest bit.
    I deal with it by cutting those people out of my life. Don't have time for it :biggrin:
  11. don't n
  12. Don't give in to them. A "mean girl" or bully always wants a reaction and by giving them one you are only opening the door for more poor treatment from them. Once you show that you will pay them attention they will keep on acting like *****es. I learned this the hard way. Just remember they are immature and probably have severely low self esteem and self worth, so they treat others as they view themselves. So just keep your head high. They aren't worth it.
  13. In cases where you can not avoid them, like a coworker who constantly makes snide remarks to or about you in front of everyone, I've found it best to call them out on it. If you do not stand up for yourself they will not stop. You will be branded as an easy target. When calling them out stay calm, and be very pointed. Do it right when they say something. Something along the lines of "At work I expect to be treated professionally. Obviously you are unhappy with something about me. I would prefer it if you had a specific complaint that we talk about it now. If not you can stop with the comments. I will not be tolerating them." If you address the bad behavior and let it be known that you are not a doormat, generally the mean girl will go looking for another target.

    I have been in this situation. I totally get that there are some people like this that you can't just avoid. Just ignoring it is not the answer either. Don't allow people to treat you badly. Stick up for yourself if it is a reoccurring issue.
  14. Ditto!
  15. :tup: