Mean Girls 2

  1. :woohoo:
  2. I love Mean Girls!
  3. it never is.
  4. Will Tina Fey be writing this one too?
  5. Noooo!!!!!!! This will never be as funny as the first!!! Why dont they leave well enough alone!!!! ARGH!!!
  6. LOL seems like some random people are cashing in on a successful movie. I'm just going to copy & paste what the OP linked to:

    Mean Girls 2 will debut on ABC Family Sunday, Jan. 23 at 8 p.m., the network announced today. The direct-to-TV (and later to DVD) film stars Meaghan Martin as Jo, a new student, whose plan to avoid high school social politics is thwarted when she befriends Abby, the object of scorn for the “plastics.” The movie was written by Cliff Ruby and Elana Lesser, and Allison Schroeder, and directed by Melanie Mayron.
  7. No :sad:

    But I probably will watch it one afternoon when I'm stuck at home. :p

  8. Isn't Melanie Mayron the actress who played Melissa on ThirtySomething?
  9. As my husband likes to say, few movies with a "2" in the title will be any good. In this case it looks like a warmed-over version of the original "Mean Girls"--what's the point?
  10. You're right! I couldn't put my finger on why that name sounded familiar when I C&Ped the information until I saw your post.

    Then I'm even more disappointed because Thirtysomething was a great show. Melanie's moved on to directing but I have a feeling this movie won't be very good.