Mean Co-Workers, New Instagram Account?

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  1. Idk about you, but i LOVEEEEEEEEEEE looking at LV pics on Instagram (in addition to TPF)!

    I feel like I've connected with so many people from all over the world that have similar interests. It's truly amazing and I enjoy it a lot!

    That being said, a few of my co-workers have started following me on Instagram and I've noticed that they're acting weird around me. They make comments like "What's up with your LV pics?" or "Why do you post pics of your purse on instagram?" or "What are those pictures about?" (girl please, all you do is post pics of meals at restaurants!)

    I don't actually care what they think, but I work in a competitive corporate environment and I don't want people thinking that I don't need a bonus since I carry a LV to work sometimes. (I know there are similar posts to this so I digress) It's just to a point where I haven't shared any pics in a few weeks bc I'm scared they'll say something or that it'll affect me at work.

    My question is: what would you do? Do you think I should make a separate instagram account just for LV pics (hiding pics of my face and friends so ppl don't know it's me)? I feel like that takes away from the experience. I'm torn (and realize I'm being a little dramatic over a social networking site haha).
  2. I kinda just went through this. I have a family member that has been stalking me including here on the TPF. I know she as no life! lol
    Anyway, I was going to start over here with a new user name so she couldn't stalk me and my husband said.. Why would you do that? You are not doing anything wrong...
    He also said.. Why should YOU have to change your life because someone else has NO life...
    So needless to say.. I totally agreed with him and I have not changed a thing! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the input! I agree, I feel ridiculous even writing that post, but it's hard dealing with ppl w/ no lives. Also, I need to say that I am obsessed with your icon! Everytime I've seen it in other posts, I'm always tempted to comment that to you, but didn't want to seem like a stalker, lol. The puppy is sooooo cute!
  4. I'm not sure what I'd do in that situation but I'd hate to see you have to hide or change doing something that brings you joy just because of their bad attitudes and snyde comments. What is wrong with people!?! And you made such a great point about one of them posting pictures of what they're eating, lol...I love how they can justify THAT but make comments about you posting pix of beautiful LV!
  5. Aww Thanks! That's Louie he models all my LV's. :smile:
  6. I actually created a new Instagram account when I decided to start using it to post LV-related pics. I had an account already, but I rarely used it, and I couldn't even remember my login details at the time. I since found them, but I decided not to use my original account because all my followers were real life friends, coworkers etc. I don't want any unnecessary drama, so I only post LV pics to my account that is full of fellow tPFers, YouTubers and Instagrammers who love LV as much as I do!

    Same with Facebook - I don't post LV pics there. If I post a pic that happens to feature me wearing/carrying an LV piece, that's different, but no photos specifically of LV items. Other people just don't get it! This is why I :heart: tPF!
  7. I'm currently going through something similar. I had a second cousin email another cousin and ask how my mom & I could afford our LV's (and go on vacations, etc) because I had posted some "reveals" on Instagram. I discussed it with my family and their reaction was "Who cares?!" and "Why is it any of her business, anyway?" But, with that being said, if you think it's going to affect your job, maybe create another account. I made a separate account for my Disney obsession because I knew my friends and co-workers probably didn't care very much. haha ;)
  8. +1!
  9. Sad you are going through this, but as mentioned before, I don't post any bag pics on FB. And on my IG, I don't add family members or anyone I know will not have an appreciation for my love of food and bags. Once I had a negative comment, I unfollowed the person. Since my IG profile is private, they will have to request to follow me again (hasn't happened yet).
    You don't need to change your lifestyle for people who don't know much about your personal life.
  10. That happened to me. When I wanted a rise they said I didn't need the money because I already had! Ugh! It was frustrating. I just stopped posting bag and makeup products' pictures. They sucked the joy out of me. If It's possible I would definetly ignore them and do what I wanted to do until its too unbearable. After that I don't know... Do whatever you feel is right for you.
  11. I think this is sad, that we have to hide our love for louis vuitton. There are so many who wants to voice opinions about what people wear ,carry and drive.I'M so happy for everyone who can afford to carry Louis Vuitton so my philosophy is CARRY with heads up and enjoy every Lv we own
  12. Just make another account and be free of all the drama, don't let it consume you for another minute, be free!
  13. While I totally agree that you shouldn't have to change the way you do things, you do have to take into consideration how social media can effect your job. Unfortunately, there are people who will not be happy for you. That's why we have TPF... we all understand the excitement that our bags bring us, others do not and take it as bragging. Be careful, it's sad that we have to think about these things but it is necessary.
  14. This happens for all kinds of topics on IG & FB. I've blocked & deleted people who were negative. Life is too short to worry about haters. You start to wonder why these people friended or followed you in the first place.
    If it really bothers you, easiest thing to do is make your IG private so you can screen your followers.
  15. Make another account and enjoy!