(((( Mean Cashier Makes Rude Comments About My Damier Sophie!! ))))

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  1. ~ Hey Everybody ~

    This story is VERY, VERY, VERY long ..... I hope you all don't mind.

    Gosh, where do I start.

    Well .... today I went shopping for new clothes because I am going back to college in 2 weeks (my mother and Damier Sophie tagged along with me ;)).

    It started as a good day because we first ate at the food court and had a nice mother and daughter conversation.

    We first went to Maddens where I got 2 pairs of gorgeous shoes, then we went to Forever 21 where I got 3 pretty jeans and lastly we went to Old Navy where I got 5 cute shirts.

    As the Old Navy cashier was ringing up my shirts she asked: "Are you interested in any of our accesories because they are currently 25% off for a limited time only?" (which included some handbags).

    I told her: "No, Thank You. I think I already did enough damage to my credit card today." (at this time my mom went outside the store to sit down on a bench.)

    RIGHT WHEN MY MOM LEFT .... she glanced at my Damier Sophie, rolled her eyes and said: "Oh go figure, your one of those girls whose mommy and daddy buys you the expensive designer bags."

    Now just to let everybody know my father passed away when I was 14 years old so that comment really hurt my feelings.

    This was my expression right after she said that: ----> :amazed:

    I was completely shocked, speechless and was thinking **did she really just say that to me?**

    Then while she was folding the shirts to put in the bag she then said: "So how much did that bag cost?"

    Trying not to literally cry or get angry I said: "It's a Louis Vuitton bag so it was around $500."

    She then goes: "What? $500 for a little tiny brown bag that looks like a wallet. Where did you get it from cause I don't think Louis Vuitton has ever made a purse like that?"

    I said: "It is a limited edition bag and I got it from a Louis Vuitton Boutique in Hawaii." (I really got it from eBay but I didn't want to say that because I know she would of right away thought that it was fake and I didn't want to go into details how I knew it wasn't.)

    She then told me the total for my purchases and I paid with my credit card.

    As the receipt was printing she said: "That purse was definitely not worth $500 because it is way too small and very plain. I would rather have a $20 purse with $500 cash inside it."

    She then gave me the receipt to sign and as I was signing it I said: "Well, I guess me and you are two very different people."

    She handed me the shopping bag and said: "Obviously."

    I just grabbed the bag and walked out of the store where my mom was.

    My mom instantly knew something was wrong (I guess I had an angry look on my face or my nose was red which usually happens when I want to cry) so she said: "Are you okay?"

    Then as we were walking out of the mall to the car I told her everything that happened and then I got all teary eyed. :cry:

    I was kind of upset with myself because I wanted to tell that cashier SO MANY things ..... like I (not my mom or husband) buy all my Louis Vuittons with my hard working money. I have my own apartment, I have a full-time job, I pay many bills and I'm about to go to college on top of all of that.

    I have no idea why I didn't just go off on her because she acted like I was some spoiled brat living off of other people's money or something. *UGH*

    I always try to not let people like her get me down like this but not only did she hurt my feelings about my "plain" Damier Sophie (that I absolutely love by the way) but she also hurt me when she mentioned my "daddy", whom is not even here anymore. :crybaby:

    *WHEW* Sorry everybody for the long story. I just needed to let it out and I knew all of you would understand how it feels when people say rude comments about our Louis Vuittons.

    Thanks so much for reading! :flowers:
  2. {{HUG}} Big hugs, hon. Don't let people get you down. They are really just bitter. I think your bag is gorgeous!!! :heart:
  3. That cashier was the biggest rude, spiteful, jealous, petty, hateful jerk ever. Just know that you are a better person with a brighter future.
  4. I would have told her off soooo bad. Or jumped across the counter and punched her. LOL

    But on a more subtle option. I would have told her "You know what, well if my mommy and daddy can buy me clothes and handbags, then why they HELL am I shopping in Old Navy supporting your dumb ass." And left the stuff and walked out.
  5. I would definitely call back and ask to a manager... I would state that the cashier definitely needs to keep her comments to yourself because she really did hurt your feelings. I am TRUELY sorry about this happening to you. :sad:
  6. I'm sorry but this person has no social tact at all. I'm tempted to say they're socially redundant. The important thing is YOU love your bag and you shouldn't care what anyone thinks - she clearly doesn't understand fashion or anything so I would exempt her opinion. You definetly wouldn't get the same opinion on this thread! :yes: Just forget about that woman. :flowers:

    IHeartCoach - I'd be SO tempted to do your's but I wouldn't be able to pull it off :biggrin:

    EDIT: I agree with everyone else that you should contact the manager. Did you get her name?
  7. agree with John 5. The cashier was waaaay outta line.
    That was so mean...maybeif she didn't have anything nice to say, she shouldn't have said anything at all... She could have been jealous!
  9. I wanna poke her eyes and call OLD NAVY store manager and head offce right now!!!!!
    How rude???
  10. Well you showed great restraint. If this happened to me, miss old navy cashier would have the Sophie faceplate imprint on her forehead.
  11. Oh sweetie....sorry you were subjected to such inappropriate rudeness by a jealous, hater, b*tch.....I'm sure you were really caught off guard, but don't let whatever she or other jealous haters say, cause you to feel badly about your LV or ANYTHING else you may own, purchase or wear !!!!

    This person obviously has some issues with envy, perhaps you were both around the same age, and she felt like she could talk to you like that? (I couldn't see some teenager speaking to me in that tone, but i'm older than you is why i ask...) Regardless of her age, it was downright RUDE and OFFENSIVE. I would have demanded to speak to her supervisor about such disrespectful, discourteous service.

    Remember, YOU are the one with such a rare and beautiful bag.....and the only reason she acted like that was because she was obviously jealous of you, and immature. Let it go....you're a much classier lady than she will ever be.
  12. That is beyond rude of her; one comment is bad enough but she just kept spitting them out! Take it with a grain of salt.
  13. I'm with John call and speak to the Manager and get her sorry ass fired she was incredible rude and as a customer you should not have to take that abuse, it's none of her business what you spend your money on.
  14. :wtf: Oh my gosh what a mean evil person that cashier was! I am so sorry that you had to go through all that. I think that you handles yourself well and that you were the "bigger person" by walking away and not being rude back. what goes around comes around, she just sounds like a bitter, nosy person.
  15. oh no she didn't!!! u did the right thing and kept ur cool, she obviously has no CLUE!!! it had her attention for a while though, that is way too much energy to waist on something that she thinks is not worth it. so the time she spent criticizing your bag.... priceless!!! she can't get that back.
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