Meal Kit Delivery Services

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    Have you tried or are you currently using a meal kit delivery service? Please share your experiences (good or bad) and recommendations. Some of the more popular companies include Plated, Blue Apron, HelloFresh, and Home Chef.

    I tried HelloFresh a couple of years ago. They were fine except after I cancelled the service, they kept calling me incessantly from anonymous phone numbers even though I’d already provided my reason for cancellation. Now I’m thinking about restarting a kit delivery service, but definitely not with HelloFresh again.
  2. I've tried ...

    Hello Fresh - simple meals, had problems a few times with the quality of the produce

    Home Chef - my favorite! Meals are easy to replicate, very filling, and a good selection

    Green Chef - Not my favorite but healthy meals that cater to a variety of diet restrictions

    Plated - Pretty good but I found some of the meals to be a little too complex for my liking. They also have dessert options which are pretty good!

    Marley Spoon - good, but the weekly meal options left a lot to be desired. For many weeks, there isn't a single meal that looks good to me.

    Blue Apron - same as Marley Spoon for me

    I'd try Home Chef next and see how to like it! And then maybe give plated a shot. Also, I have a free box for Home chef if you want to try :smile:
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  3. Thanks for the recs! I’m going to give Home Chef a try.
  4. I’ve tried several. Home chef is by far my favorite
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  5. If you message me your email address, I can send you the free box!

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  6. We’ve tried Plated and Munchery. Plated, I find to be the same as the poster stated above, the food is good and quality is good; however the recipes can be long and cumbersome. Munchery was the best. Good food and quality, and easy and fast to prepare.
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