Me without Makeup

  1. I am a makeup addict and I've always thought my skin isn't that great, if there was a permanent faundation I don't care how much it would cost I would get it done.I never leave home without full make up. I was in the celebrity section earlier and saw the stars without make up, some very scary. I wanted to see how scary I am. I'm not as bad as I thought but before I can go out of my house without makeup I will do it here to see if I get the courage. Here I am tonights picture without and one with from a couple months ago with.
    meno.jpg musi.jpg
  2. You look great with and without makeup! If you want to see something scary, you should see me without mine on... lol
  3. you really are beautiful with and without make-up ! really do not worry ! :yes:
  4. You look great without the makeup!
  5. I think you look great! You have very nice skin.
  6. You definitely look good without the make up!

    the stars look all saggy skinned, and worn out
  7. If that's how you look without makeup, I'd say save your money on makeup (just one lipstick and mascara) and put it towards more bags!!! Lucky you!
  8. You don't need makeup. lucky you. Mascara and liptint if you wanna be kiki but you really don't need it. I can't live without blush! yikes! Sometimes that's all I wear. You are gorgeous! rock on!!!!
  9. You have great skin! No pimples or eye circles or anything!! Feel bad for those of us (myself included) who need more than foundation even...bring on the concealer baby!
  10. you still looks great without make-up! don't worry about it.
  11. I think you look great...with & w/o!

  12. You have nothing to worry about.:flowers:
  13. You look beautiful without makeup! You have great skin! :smile:
  14. You are crazy girl! You look great without make up! You're a natural beauty!

    I on the other hand, without make up? I lose my eye brows, there's no hope for my lashes... I look like I have two black eyes and it goes on!

    I wish I looked as good as you!! You are gorgeous! :smile: Nothing to worry about!!
  15. You don't look like you need a lot of makeup. I would just wear sunglasses and be done with it. I don't think you will scare small children. LOL