me with my city in french blue

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    HI guys, I am soooooooooo soooooooo sorry, I know i promised i will show a pic of me with my french blue, but I was totally tied up with my project, anyway, here's the pic~~~ it's absolutely a lovely bag, i can carry everything (folder, paper, make up bag, wallet, cellphone etc) in it. i recently heard that NY boutique sold it out. :heart:
  2. I am not very good at taking pictures, so pls forgive me about the pic quality
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  5. wow, great photography in that first pic!

    that blue is amazing, so rich and smooth looking - gorgeous :yes:
  6. Gorgeous FB City!!! Congratulations...
  7. Wow! Its such a pop of color! Very pretty! Congrats :yes:
  8. Congrats and welcome to the French Blue club!! :flowers:

    It looks fantastic on you...I love this blue a little more than the other Balenciaga blues...maybe except for ink...definitely a tie between french blue and ink for me :graucho:

    Is it really sold out already?? Wow...
  9. great colour! look great on u :yes:
  10. so pretty, love the color!
  11. Omigosh, the hotness! :smile: It looks great!
  12. Congrats! That color is so bright and pretty.
  13. :heart::heart::heart::heart:it!
  14. so cute~~~ congrats!!!!
  15. :drool: