Me too impulse buying is abounding

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  1. I just bought this small chain bag that looks like Marc's wallets...don't know if I just made a giant mistake...should I have bought the small stam??
    :wtf: maggie
  2. ^pics?????
  3. glad that I'm not the only one!! did you get a bag like a cammie? I can't picture the bag that you bought...
  4. Hmmm...sounds like maybe a cammie...??? Pics please!
  5. The quilted cammie's are will help!
  6. Cammie and baby Stam are both great.... I don't think you made a mistake if you got a good deal out of it and can use it a lot... post a pic so we can see!
  7. and pics..I think you guys are right and it's the this a really old piece. It was at Nordstrom for 40% off. maggie
  8. What color maggie?? I think cammie cute, esp if you got it in a great color. It is a bit on the small side though... smaller than the baby stam. Are you going to keep it?
  9. Ok..well no exciting color's black..I think so far but it bothers me a bit that it looks like my I crazy? maggie
  10. Well, one thing is for sure, I doubt your clutch wallet will fit into the Cammie...