Me newest buys..


always in LVoe
Jan 3, 2010
Detroit MI
I have got quite a few new items since February.

My first ever used bag. Poppy Hobo, it is in amazing condition for being as old as it is. It came out in 2004

Orange slice coin purse. It was love at first site. I want the watermelon one, but the price is a little outrageous on the ones I have seen

Poppy-chan notebook is from a Japanese magazine

As some may recall I couldnt use my PCE because I am in Okinawa. So an amazing TPF'er Italiahaircolor helped me out. Thanks to her I got the new Kaldiescope glam tote, and Chick fob.

I got the rest of the items thanks to Italia as well. She is my link to America :smile: Thanks again!! :yahoo:


I <3 My Hubby
Aug 25, 2009
that is so so so cool,,,,,,,,its good to have connections!
love your collection,!!!

love that 2004 poppy bag,,, and the chicky fob
i would love to have a chicky fob

hey you know what, i think coach should send each coachie a chicky fob
cuz we the coolest chicks around, LOL

i know its late and i am still awake, you would think my eyes would of closed a long time ago

well anywho, back to your reveal

congrats and do a happy dance for me, !! we need some modeling shots
Aug 24, 2009
:woohoo: I'm just happy to help! I love everything...but you already know that!!! And, it needs to be are my link to Japan...and I LOVE my Poppy journal and scrunchie.