Me new to LV but, think I may be in love...

  1. Want classic...should I get the Speedy 30 or the Manhatten PM to be my very first LV....I know I will want a second bag soon has would you get? Remember brand new to LV so, it will be my first LV and I want it to stay in style...was considering the Alma but, heard it is for older gals which is LV specialist out there...I need your insight and wisdom...
  2. There is nothing wrong with Alma...not an old lady bag at all!!!!!!! I would go for the's classic and a must have!
    I would just mosey down to an LV'll get there and try on a bunch of bags and probably walk out with something totally different (I always do!)
  3. If you don't mind a handheld bag, why not the Speedy? I never had a bag like the Speedy so I loved it and treasure it!
  4. Manhatten PM!!! Love it!
  5. No LV store in my city so I have to order it on the site that is why I am asking so many questions because I cannot try it on. THe speedy seems to be popular. The Alma is gorgeous but, i have heard people say that it is for women over 35 etc.. I must be conservative if I love it...I just want to pick the right bag...the pressure....
  6. Is that pic a pic of your dog? I have one just like it!
  7. Manhattan PM!!!
  8. I like the Manhattan PM!
  9. Can you order both and send one back?:nuts:
  10. Yes that is my sweeetttyyyy...he is a puggy and I love him to bits...would love to see a pic of your pug...aren't they awesome doggies...he's my best friend
  11. There is a big price difference between the Speedy and Manhattan PM.

    Even if price isn't a factor, I would still go for the mono Speedy 30. The Manhattan PM is very nice but very Marc Jacobs and if you want a classic LV then that's a speedy. :yes:
  12. price isn't really the factor has opposed to style.....

    LV Addict,
    I do not want to have both sent to me and send one back that is such a hassle... must figure out which is best for me and then keep it...LV Addict do you own both? Which do you like better? You have great taste and are an LV expert in my opinion...your collection is goodness wow factor you have a favorite LV? Do you rotate your bags? I do not and neglect some for months on end....awesome taste...
  13. I would go for the speedy it's a classic! I don't think the alma is for old ladys but... it has a vachetta bottom wich can get dirrty easily and you are not yet used to vachetta so i think you should tru a bag with a little less vachetta to begin with. The manhattan is also a beauty but you can always get that later is you like Louis.

    Here is mij speedy 25 when i just got it
  14. You are TOO SWEET!!!:shame::flowers:
    Yes, I do rotate my bags. I try to use a dif. bag every day. I do own both styles. Only mine are Manhattan GM and none of my speedies are mono. I hope this counts. I think my favorite bags (in mono) are Mizi and Manhattan GM! I also LOVE the ellipse PM! I LOVE the speedy shape but find that I have enought mono bags to have a speedy in mono, you know? I would have to say that Manhattan (pr or gm) just has that WOW factor! Where as speedy is just a nice throw around bag. Is your lifestyle more casual than dressy? If so, go for speedy. If you do dress up quite often (for work, etc.) go with Manhattan PM or a speedy in epi!
  15. Classic: Speedy!
    A little more headturner and 'wow' factor: Manhattan PM!

    Good luck with your decision...honestly you can't go wrong with either IMO!