Me n Poppypink at outlets n needed my Tank!!!!!!

  1. Totally speechless. Bow to the queen!
  2. What I want to see now is your collection! And with all your bags I bet you can change bags everyday and still do not carry the same one in a month, LOL!!!!
  3. I would love too!! Let me know when you go again and I'll meet you there!

  4. Wow! Another great score for you! Love them both! Congrats!
  5. OMG! Such an amazing deal! Please move out to California and teach me the ways of the outlet. I promise that I would be a great padawan!

    Congrats on the gorgeous wallet and Laila!!
  6. Score!!! I LOVE my raspberry gathered wallet too!
  7. OMG! We don't call you a queen for no reason!! Btw, I almost passed out because I didn't have my tank ready!

    Love the raspberry wallet! I carried my raspberry gathered Sophia today for the first it. It's such a vibrant color!!!
  8. Wow! Amazing!
    With as much as you do for everyone here, you deserve it and more! Happy for ya!
  9. I love my mine too and loved the price ($104).
  10. This!
  11. Thankssssssssssss ladies
  12. He was hot AND had a Laila?!?! Damn. LOL
  13. Alright alright alright
  14. YOU HUSSY!
    I LOVE your goodies and you get the best damn deals! You sure you didnt slip that cute stock boy a lil somethin?? LMAO
  15. Agree, I found both the wallet and the gathered Sophia in raspberry at the outlets! :biggrin: