Me n Poppypink at outlets n needed my Tank!!!!!!

  1. We almost passed out whn then told us the price. U might pass out to. Who ready?????
  2. I am ready my Queen.
  3. me too!!

  4. r u sure?????
  5. I am sure.
  6. Finally picked up my Raspberry gathered wallet

    the color is AMAZAING!!!!
  7. Beautiful wallet. Congrats.
  8. she's pretty!
  9. And .....
  10. Well I had the Laila Fawn and I returned - NOT SURE WHY!!!
    It was a regret!!! So we were talking the HOT stock manager and he said we have this one BUT it has a flaw....I said let me see - the buckle on the front pocket will not stay closed - OH WELL - I will take it to FP and do a repair - BOOYAH!!!!

    I paid $122..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost PASSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. A lady got metallic emobssed lindsey for $75!!! bc it had a small rub

    All their defects were 75% off plus 30%

    I LOVE THE outlets!!!!!!
  12. Wow, you continue to amaze me!
  13. WOW, amazing score on that gorgeous Laila! And I LOVE that raspberry gathered wallet; sooo yummy! Congrats!

  14. Buckley needs a new spring - !!!!!!!!!

    I am OVER excited
  15. OMG Get the frig outta here! SCORE! Love that wallet too! So pretty!!

    Mega Congrats!

    Now what will the repair cost? And which buckle is messed up?

    ETA oh you said the front flap, LOL!