Me modeling my new Bronze Cotton Club!!!!

  1. hehe :smile: The dress is crazy short but I thought it was fun! :heart:
    DSC02936.JPG DSC02935.JPG DSC02939.JPG
  2. Your dress look perfect one you! And the purse compliments your tan. :yes:
  3. Love it... and the dress! The bronze is gorg!

    You have some great legs too!
  4. You look so gorgeous! Love the bag and the dress!:heart: :yes:
  5. Great bag and great dress! I actually have that dress in black ;).
  6. wooooooooeeeeee lookin good!!
  7. It's okay that the dress is short cos you have the legs for it. That color... I don't think I've seen a Chanel in that color. I have to go back n' see that one ITF! Long story short, that color is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  8. Everything is gorgeous! You, the bag, the dress... :yes:
  9. Beautiful bag and beautiful dress. You look fabulous!
  10. Love the dress and the tote! Looks great, I don't think it's too short
  11. gorgeous bag and dress! I love how your shoes are nude so they make your legs look mile-long!!!! great details :smile:
  12. It looks fabulous on you.:yes: I love the color of the dress and the gold accents. You have the figure to easily pull off the short dress.
  13. it looks great on you!
  14. Lawless you are SMOKIN' HOT!!! Love the bag, love the dress, love it all!! PS - I'm not a lezzie but must compliment you on your fantastic legs :smile:
  15. You look great! Dress, bag and I agree with butterfliie LEGS!