Me like...

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  1. All the men's stuff is really nice. I really like all the messenger bags. I say get one if you like it!
  2. Are you referring to the Thompson Large Zip Top #70308?

    I purchased this bag (in Doe) about a year ago during a PCE. Like you, I carry a lot of paperwork back and forth to work and thought it looked perfect. I loved the color and the details but the shoulder strap was awful. The strap has a wide piece of leather (non-removable) at the top that is suppose to sit on your shoulder. The piece is so wide that if worn cross-body, it cuts into your neck....if worn not cross-body the strap sticks out from your shoulder. I actually thought about taking it somewhere to see if they could cut the leather (to narrow it) but decided to return it instead.

    I have attached a pic of the Thompson Slim can see the piece on the shoulder strap that I am referring to.

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  3. This bag is really functional and it will serve its purpose. You can also use it while traveling so that's a plus.
  4. Yes it is the Thompson Large Zip Top #70308... I think it is cute... to bad the stores do not have them on display. I can see the wide shoulder that u are talking about... looks painful.
  5. I really like it... Sound like a perfect bag for what you need and the price is good..