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  1. OK, ever since the "Your First Hermes..." thread, I have been promising to post these pics. The story of how I got my Kelly is boring (paid, had it sent, opened it - cracked the champers!).....however in the year 2000 when the Sydney Olympics were on, DH & I decided to visit Europe for 3 months and escape the "bloody tourists" and become "bloody tourists" ourselves! These photos were taken in shopping, 24fbg facade, me standing out the front of 24fbg with my big orange bag with my Herbag inside (one of the BEST days ever!) and me with Herbag visiting the Louvre.

    I even LOOK like a tourist!!!!

    I was so happy, I asked DH to skip down Rue du Faubourg St Honore with me (he declined).

    Basically, we went into the Mothership (I was sweating with anticipation!)....checked out the scarves (they are there immediately as you walk in the door).....went and looked at the bags and jewellery....forund a lovely SA called Nadia, asked if there were any Kellys.....No (of course!).....but Madam, we do have something I think you will like (I obviously looked like the Herbag type, no?).....out the back she goes..."these have just been released, nad this is the last one left". Well, in those days, the Herbag HAD only just been released and there were only three types, the combo I got - same size bottoms, different colours) or the backpack style (same colours one small, one backpack) or the one like mine but HUGE size!! like luggage! - I actalluy saw many Parisien women carrying these around).....well, who was I to say no? DH turned to Nadia and said "yes, wrap her up!".....later he told me if they had offered me a Kelly he was going to buy it for me, but it wasn't to be then.

    So, to cut a long story short, there is me pictured standing out the front of the Mothership on a cool Paris afternoon in September......happy as can be!

    IM000024.jpg IM000025.jpg IM000026.jpg IM000027.jpg IM000028.jpg
  2. Wonderful story and pictures!!!!! I am still in love with your Herbag K! :flowers:
  3. You are a beautiful woman, Kristie! :yes:

    Thank you so much for posting these pics of you in Paris! Lovely! :flowers:
  4. amazing pictures!
  5. oh lord no I'm not!!......remember, I was a newlywed (married in 1998), and had no kids.......LOL!! Thank you for the very kind compliment gigi......:shame:
  6. Thank you for sharing the pictures Kristie! and I agree with Gigi, you are one beautiful woman! (and now a very beautiful mommy!):tender:
  7. gotta tell ya...I miss those boobs.....they were so much higher...LOL..sob..!!!
  8. Great pics, can't wait to head over to Paris again. You look great!
  9. OH KRISTIE! This is a BEAUTIFUL thread! I love your pictures (I've never been to Paris!) and I love the story behind them and I love your Herbag and I think you are GORGEOUS! And how romantic! Did you travel for 3 months in Europe? Where else did you go? Favorite place? Details, girl!
  10. ohhh - well, I ADORED Monaco (we splurged there - no backpacking in Monaco!) but I have to say out of all the places we visited (London, Switzerland - Zermatt, Austria (DH is Austrian), Germany, France incl. Nice, St Tropez, Cannes etc., Italy,) I enjoyed Wein (Vienna) the most. It was just adorable....although in the cute stakes, Saltzberg has the cutest little Hermes that you ever did see!). I LOVED the South of France, though, and this is probably where we spent the most time. We based ourselves in Nice and travelled around the coast from there. I ADORE films like To Catch A Thief (I'm a HUGE Grace Kelly and Hitchcock fan) and loved seeing all the locations such as the Carlton Hotel and Monaco where she drives wild along the roadwith James Stewart. Hence the whole trip become a tour of Grace Kelly sights. Yes, we visited the Pink Castle, and I bought something (a belt and bracelet) from Monte Carlo Hermes just in case Grace herself had ever shopped there - LOL!! Any excuse!!

    I have just spent my Sunday Afternoon going through all our old photos (the days before digital!) of our trip......there's even me in a bikini in Nice...lemmie tell ya, that would be a RARE sight these days!!

    We did ALL the museums, and ALL the Royal Castles; travelled everywhere by train...and I have to say we spent a FORTUNE, but when you live so far away from Europe and trips there are so few and far between, you have to make the most of it. Bear in mind we were pretty much backpacking (no backpacks, but we only stayed in 2-3 star accommodation, flew economy (coach), and lived on Baguettes). I bought my very first Plisse at the George V Hermes, and an enamel bracelet in Nice (worst service EVER!!).......

    Can't wait to go back!!
  11.'s Sunday afternoon where you are and Saturday night here in California! Yikes, K....What's going on in the world tomorrow?????

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'd love to spend 3-months in Europe....I'd probably want to hit all the Hermes stores along the way!!!! I think going through all the old pics is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon......How did you like Paris???
  12. I loved Paris....actually I have to admit I did visit most of the Hermes stores, lets see....Sloane St London, Harrods Hermes, Paris, George V, Nice, Monte Carlo, Wein, Frankfurt(but it was closed - I had to look in the window)......, Saltzberg....

    Paris was HOT, and qwe stayed opposite the Luxembourg Gardens (beautiful! Parisiens sit there of an afternoon and children sail little boats on the lake, everyone lazes about's like a movie!) I bought a "Les Triples" scarf recently for Luxs'bedroom, and it has the Luxembourg Gardens on it!!! So I love it all the more, it has more meaning now!
    Everywhere you go you can buy baguettes with ham and the BEST cheese, so we lived on those, and beer and a long baguette with pate on our balcony for dinner (we WERE on a budget!). The first day we arrived in Paris (via the VFT through the chunnel from London - under the English CHannel) after we checked into our hotle we walked to the Eiffel Tower.....D, it is JUST like a movie!!! And for an Australian, Europe is so OLD with so much history (remember, Australia is only 208 years old!! We have NO history!!).....Notre Dame is incredible, The river Seine...and what they say about PArisiens is untrue, we were NEVER treated better than in Paris - and my French is school-girl level at best, but they were all so lovely! You would LOVE it, let me tell you.....when I woke up that first morning, I was like " I'm in PARIS!!!!, I can't believe it!!!".....It's like a dream..........
  13. Aaaawww Kristie, that's a wonderful story and lovely pictures!!! Thank you so very much for sharing!
  14. Beautiful pics and info Kristie! Thanks for sharing....what fun to be in Europe for three months!:wlae:
  15. Lovely pics and lovely story Kristie! I love Salzburg Hermès aswell, and all the others you've mentioned, I haven't been to Vienna nor Frankfurt though.... My biggest travel dream would be to visit Australia and India...but maybe in another life, since in this one I'm affraid of flying!:sad: ;)