Me & Dior - Gris Montaigne Dior Perfume Private Collection.


Oct 12, 2013
Once you step in Dior's Boutique, you'll get the sense of entering an apartment of someone you actually know...It is that sense of comfort that is present everywhere...
The art pieces present in each universe act as a reminder of Monsieur Dior love for nature and elegance.
Grey is everywhere in the house...Our most emblematic colour that Monsieur Dior dubbed as elegant.
"My childhood home was roughcast in a very soft pink, mixed with grey gravelling, and these two shades have remained my favourite colours in couture." Dior by Dior, The Autobiography of Christian Dior

"..An ode to the House of Dior’s legendary location 30 Avenue Montaigne..,” reads the description for Gris Montaigne Dior’s latest offering from the Privée Collection.

What if grey was a perfume? How it would smell ?
Gris Montaigne answers all these questions.

It's a chypre fragrance!
A short and invigorating olfactory structure that composes a harmonious chypre accord: a burst of citrus, a floral accord, a woody note heightened with Patchouli set against an ambery backdrop of moss.

The top note is the first olfactory impression and the most volatile.
BERGAMOT Essence : grown is southern Italy, essence of bergamot is obtained by cold expression of the peel. it brings a distinct, sweet freshness to fragrances.

The heart note is the fragrance's core and lasts for several hours.
DAMASCENA Rose Absolute: native to Turkey, the Damask rose is essential to the perfumer's palette. It excludes a subtly spicy and almost masculine floral note.

The base note lasts the longest and can be perceived in clothing for several months.
MACEDONIAN moss absolute: it comes from a light green lichen that is a cross between an algae and a fungus. its scent evokes the forest floor wavering between the moist, woody notes of mushrooms and the slightly tangy notes that recall its sea origins.

Please whenever you visit a Dior Boutique try this perfume!


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