Me and you & you & you in NY on the 29th?

  1. I will be in the city on Nov 29th and meeting up for lunch and shopping with a few of the ladies! I AM SO EXCITED...THIS WILL BE MY REAL LIFE MEETING WITH ANY TPF MEMBERS!!! (EXCEPT FOR THE TIME I'M CERTAIN I SAW CYNTHIA AT MADISON THIS SUMMER...) Let me know here or PM me if you would like to join the "Club d"elite that day!!:supacool:
  2. Hi, gosh I wish I could be there. Not to hijack your thread, but I was just going to post that if anyone is going to be around the afternoon of Fri. 12/22, I'd be up for coffee or a quick jaunt to H. I can't buy anything though!!
  3. Sounds like a ton of fun!!
  4. luv2- i wish i could meet you. this week is a killer for me! have fun with whomever you meet!

    pepper- i might be able to meet up on the 22nd. i think i have a half day at work that day but have to check.... if not, dinner?
  5. Would love to meet up with you ladies on the 22nd. Good way to start the holiday weekend!
  6. Ugh I messed up, I meant Friday the 21st...
    luv2shop, you won't be around then, right?
  7. Me!! :nuts:

    On the 29th that is :shame:
  8. icechick -- you're coing back to NY???? yay!! i was so sorry to miss you last time.

    i think the 29th is good for me -- though work is a PITA this time of year . . . . can't wait to meet more tPF friends!!!
  9. No! Sadly, my NY time is severely limited since we moved to AZ and my family keeps blah blah blahing on about how they need me here to do this that and another thing! I can't even make it in for the reception on the 28th!:cursing: Honestly, do these people ever stop?!:rolleyes:
  10. I'm coming too! ***waving wildly, jumping up and down*** Do I actually get to meet DQ IRL? The poet and giver of sage barenia advice? That worked! Like a charm!
  11. i know - i'm so excited!! :woohoo: i can't wait to talk barenia, yum . . .

    (i didn't mean that icechick was the only one i was looking forward to meeting -- it's just that i couldn't make it last time -- it was the day seoul died, :crybaby: -- and i'm glad to have another chance.)
  12. Whhaaaaat??? And I was starting to feel so special DQ! :p

    I'm so sorry I missed you last time but also so excited that we can make up for it this time. I'm flying out tomorrow night and really can't wait to meet up with everyone. This is going to be so much fun!! :yahoo:
  13. luv2shop -- I may be able to come on the 29th for a bit, depending on where you're lunching :yes: PM me the details -- I'd love to meet you and DQ and everyone!