Me and you....Part-Time Lovers...

  1. I have this crazy Stevie Wonder song stuck in my head, but it's only appropriate for this board!! :p

    The main shape I've been coming back to over and over is the Part-Time. I love it. It's big enough to hold a few extra things besides the wallet and cell phone. It commands a little more attention because of its size and shape.

    I've only seen a few Part-Time bags on this board, and I'd love to see more! Please post your Part Times! (especially petite girls...I'd love to see the proportion of the size of the bag against a petite frame!)

    I actually recently got a Marine city which I adore, but it's just way too small. I'm planning to exchange it with a Part-Time. I need a bigger bag to carry those extra things when I travel or go to/from the office. My big dilemma is color. I love Marine, but I saw BalNewbie's part-time in Camel which is TDF!!! So, I'm thinking a truffle shade would be nice too...
  2. Well my part time is in my icon... I like the shape but I think the 'depth' of the city is better. As in the city is flatter packed, and the part time is more 3D. I think it depends what you're using it for. PTs are good if you are carrying bulky stuff.
  3. yes, I considered the work bag...but to me, it looks more like a tote than a handbag. Plus, it doesn't have a strap!

    i LOVE the PT in camel!! Gorgeous bag, incoralblue!!
  4. HaHa mimi, great post! ;)

    Here's my Natural GH Part-time....
    NatGHPart-time.JPG NatPT1.jpg NatPT2.jpg
  5. Larnette - love it!! Beautiful!!! Can you show a pic of you carrying it w/the shoulder strap?
  6. LOVE my PT :heart: :heart: :heart: See my avatar :yes: I also like the Work and Weekender. I'm a big bag girl all the way.
  7. painauchocolate - is that a marron part time in your avatar? If so, thats the best pc of marron I've seen. It looks awesome.
  8. I love the shape of the part time! I tried in on for the first time and I am in love... I think it will be my next shape (as for color though, no idea haha) :smile:


  9. Thanks flatflux! I'll take a pic witht he shoulder strap later today and post it for ya...I just LOVE this bag!
  10. Thank you! I'm trying to slowly branch out of the Brown/camel toned bags though.
  11. Thanks! It's one of my favorites! :yahoo: I'm thinking of getting the Part Time in black too.

    I know Neiman Marcus (Mclean, VA location) still has the Fall 06 Camel of the Part Time in stock ($1295):yes:

    Good luck! And don't forget to share your pics
  12. well, mimi, why don't you get a camel part time! i love PT shape and camel color, camel is my favorite color i have to say. tell us what you choose!!
  13. Aaaaactually...I went to Neiman's to pick up a pair of boots I pre-ordered last week...I asked my SA if she had any part-times with regular hardware...she brought out a couple truffle colored part-times, but I tell her that I'm looking for Camel. She says "hold on, I think we have one!". At this point my heart started racing. She comes back, and on her arm is a PART-TIME CAMEL!!

    So, I bought it immediately, despite the fact I just purchased 2 pairs of shoes :shame:. I figured I can take it home and inspect it more carefully, especially since the store was closing in 10 minutes.

    I just gave it a thorough inspection, and it looks like it's in "just ok" condition. The leather looks quite dry, a couple of tassels are split, and it has lost its "new bag scent". I will call my other local Neiman's and see if they have another part-time in Camel so I can make an exchange.

    I totally didn't anticipate getting one so soon! But, I realize that with B-Bags, you have to jump when you find one you love, especially since the colors are one of a kind. I wonder if they'll bring the camel back this fall though...

    Now I don't know how i'm going to be able to pay off my credit card this month! I still have the Marine City I just bought last weekend to reckon with! I will definitely exchange it for a marine part-time. I love the shape and the size of this bag...I find the city too flat and 2-D.