Me and my WTM in the snow:)

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  1. This gorgeous WTM in Pewter is my very first BE bag. I took her with me to visit my family at Christmas in the very snowy Kelowna, B.C. Here are a couple of pics of me being a dork (as usual) with my lovely new bag (incl. the classic "ice skating" pose:P). I love the WTM styling, it's so functional! I'm wearing it with the shoulder strap in these pics but I also often use it with the messenger strap when I need my hands free. I LOVE this bag:yes:
    2008-12ChristmasinKelowna222.jpg 2008-12ChristmasinKelowna223.jpg
  2. KathyiC-haha-What fun pictures. It's great to see how the pewter goes so well also with the white snow:smile:

    The WTM is a great bag, and you suit it soo good and vice versa! :tup: Congrats !
  3. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures.....I am wanting a chocolate crash WTM soooo bad, but I guess I should let my credit card cool down from the other BE bags that I have purchase in the past 2 weeks....they still aren't here yet and I am lusting for another one!!!!
  4. Thanks for the wonderful photos. Your bag looks so perfect in all that snow!
  5. That bag is pretty amazing on you! It looks the perfect match.:tup:

    Thanks for the pics - I love seeing pewter and I love seeing snow!:yes:
  6. great photos! and that bag is fabulous on you!!
  7. Thank you for sharing your photos. What a great pick for your first BE! I love the WTM too - isn't it just the coolest bag?
    I think your photos capture the muted metallic tone quite accurately!
  8. Thank you for sharing! You look so happy with your WTM!
  9. Love those pictures. I'm guessing that is the full size WTM? I loved seeing how great the pewter looks. I'm always scared of bling but that does not look over the top at all.
  10. Pewter looks great in the snow! Cute pics, thanks for posting.
  11. What fun the ice skating pose! The WTM midi in pewter is such a beautiful style...I hope you get to carry it often!
  12. The pewter is so pretty! Great pictures, thanks for sharing.
  13. Fun pictures!! Your bag is beautiful!! I can hardly wait to get my WTM Midi! It always looks so great modeled!
  14. I wish I had run into you during your visit (Kelowna is my hometown) - I think I would have fainted to have seen a WTM - or another BE for that matter - in my neck of the woods!!!
  15. Beautiful!! That pewter is warming up to me. Yes, is that a midi or full size?