Me and my stinky fake Blondie...

  1. Thanks to aaallabama, I knew that the Blondie I purchased on ebay over a week ago was a fake even before it arrived.

    Well, I finally received the package today, and besides being greeted by a fake bag when I opened to box, I got a nose ful of an evil, pungent smell! :sick: I thought I was going to be sick. I have wicked allergies, so my nose is very sensitive to smell. The bag is sitting a good distance away from me as I'm typing this. I am taking it right back to the post office and returning to the Seller for a refund.

    I know fakes can be tempting, but that awful fake bag smell is just not something anyone should want to put in their closet!
  2. grosssss...
  3. geez, windykat, my fake gucci blondie was stinky when it arrived too!!!...the seller actually stuffed yucky dryer sheets in the bag :sick:
  4. That is CRAZY! (not the part of you getting a fake ofcourse, but the fact that the seller tried to neutralize the smell with dryer sheets)
  5. i know, i know, it's so bizarre, isn't it (?)...i'm guessing someone in the house was a major smoker :smile:
  6. That sucks big time! :yucky:
  7. huh?
  8. That is gross! I am sorry you got a fake blondie
  9. yeppers, was scarey & smelled up my whole's a picture of the culprit in the flesh :graucho:
  10. even though its fake i still like the design lol
  11. aaallabama, so what do you do with the fake blondie? do you wear it out at all? or does it sit in a corner for being bad (a fake)?
  12. Sorry about the smell...What are you going to do now? Do you plan on returning it? Did you contact the seller about this?
  13. welp, i sent that stinky fucci straight back to the seller & demanded my $$$ back (after i taking it to "Saks" & having them tell me it was a faker) took me about 2 weeks of back & forth with the seller, but i finally got a full refund :biguns:...and wouldn't you know it, as soon as i sent it back, they put several back up on e-bay again, listed as "authentic" :yucky:
  14. that style was never made anyway, the GG logo print with stripes on the blondie...
  15. yeppers, i found that out pretty quickly after i bought it, but i've got 3 real ones now, thanks to TPF & lots of research :tender: