me and my shrug

  1. hi ladies,

    i've got my camel '06 shrug...and now i'm wondering if it looks ok on me or would a day look better:sweatdrop:. i've never own a day either, so i've nothing to compare to. what do you ladies think? any opinions would be appreciated. for reference: i'm not tiny...i'm 165cm in height & weigh 53kg.

    thanks in advance:flowers:

    note: please excuse my messy closet:push:
    shrug2.jpg shrug1.jpg
  2. I think that bag is GORGEOUS and it looks wonderful on you!!! Great color choice!!!!
  3. Absolutely lovely, the color and shape look great on you. Definitely a keeper!
  4. Wow, I like better *on* than in any of the pics I have seen of it by itself.

    NICE!!! :yes:
  5. looks good to me!
  6. I think it looks fabulous on you!! It's gorgeous!
  7. I think it looks really nice on you!
  8. i would SO keep it! the colour is classic; it's not as deep as the Day though. if you really prefer the Day, you might wanna consider getting Sienna. i do believe F/W07 brown leathers are fantastic - thick yet soft.
  9. it looks great on you - interesting bag! A must keep. :yes:
  10. thanks for everyone's lovely comments:yes::flowers:...makes me love the shrug more:heart:

    ^i do love the colour. i've never tried on the day. i've only got city's so far as i like handheld bags more. however, with 2 young kids, i thought that a shoulder bag would be more practical. would the day look too overwhelming?
  11. Lovely! Your shrug looks beautiful on you. I really like it. Congrats!

    The day wouldn't look too overwhelming, IMO, but it is hard to find stuff in. If you like crossbody/messenger bags, check out the flat messenger. It is a great style and perfect for when you need to be hands free.
  12. Congrats, maria! I think the shrug looks perfect on you! :heart: I have 2 shrugs, and I just love the size - not too big, but it still holds a lot. I had the same concerns about the day (I've heard it can be difficult to find things inside). I hope you decide to keep her! :smile:
  13. love it! congrats!
  14. you're not a shortie to begin with, so the Day won't overwhelm you ;) if you think the shrug can hold all the stuff you need (with children in tow) then i hope you keep it! :tup: with the shrug, you can still handcarry it w/o worrying that the bag would scrape the ground, if you know what i mean.
  15. I think it looks great! It hits at a good place on you, it's a good size (roomy without being overwhelming), and the color is lovely. I think it's a keeper.