Me and my Post-it Note

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  1. I have to use code (my husband isn't a Passionista -- thank you, star3337 for the great word), but I seem to always have a Post-it Note over my desk so I can keep track of the various states of acquisition on my latest handbags -- which I have on order, which I'm thinking about, which I'm on the waiting list for, which I'm looking to sell to raise money for the rest of the bunch.

    Luckily, bags seems to have weird enough names that I just have to abbreviate and my husband has no idea what my little scrawls mean!

    Right now, I have four coming in (ranging from 'paid for, awaiting delivery' to 'let's see where I can scrape together the $) and three going out (hello, resale shop!). Now why is it that there are never more going out than coming in.....

    But I gotta say, I love looking at my little green Post-it!
  2. so hilarious, so true.... I always use abbreviations! Thank god for my memory, but from time to time - I can't remember what the hell I meant! sometimes I leave only two letters, then I know it was a whopper.
    Where can I sell bags? Do you know, without the headache of E-bay? I have a few I'd be willing to give up.

    ....So loving the khaki paddy your awaiting, I love that color with almost everything! Congrats!
  3. I don't use eBay. I'm not really doing this to make money. Just to recoup a little of what I spent so I can reapply the money elsewhere. I use a resale store in NYC that is pretty good. They limit themselves to only MAJOR brands (I had to talk them into taking my Mulberry!) and their clientele is coming in looking for Chanel, Fendi, etc, etc. They typically sell for half of retail and I get half of that. But if you figure that I've gotten all the use out of the bag that I'm going to get, a 25% rebate ain't bad.

    I also know of Rachel White runs the site and she buys (not just consigns) high end bags for resale. I've bought from her but never sold to her. I know that FendiBagLady has been in touch with Rachel about selling bags but Rachel never followed up. I just contacted her this week about selling a Paddington hobo and I'm going to give her 48 more hours to get back to me and then its going to the resale store.

    If you are in a major city, I'm sure there is a high-end resale shop that would be interested in looking at what you have.
  4. which ones are you selling?

  5. I don't think so, not in Montreal. Anyways, I guess I haven't worn the ones I want to sell long enough. I only have LV's and I think it's more worth it to keep them if so little cash is made. Bearing in mind you are getting .25 cents on the dollar.
  6. Not selling, was just a thought. I still love them when I think about it. And I can't remember how much I payed for some gucci's and salvatore ferragamo's I bought years ago..... actually, I have a ridiculous amount. I guess I haven't known I have been addicted so long! Wow. that was cathartic thinking how many are in that closet. You guys should bill me.
  7. Are you going to sell your blue hobo? Is that fairly new? :worried:
  8. okay ladies, I think that if anyone wants to resale one of their beloved bags they should just offer it up to one of us before taking to a consignment store to resale it to a complete stranger!!! Speak up. I'm sure others here would be interested. I'm waiting for the tan paddy too from Lynda, My first but not my last.
  9. I am looking to sell my blue Paddy hobo. I guess I wore it for about a week but it just isn't me. I also have an older pink woven Bottega hobo and I have a Kors satchel (that has a water damage spot!). If I haven't used them in x amount of time (it varies depending upon the daily usefulness of the bag) out they go! Maybe I'm ruthless but that's my MO.
  10. A PINK woven bottega veneta? That sounds gorgeous!
  11. Is it the same one I won at the Red Party? Not sure you remember the pics. I was thinking of selling mine too since I have never used it and am not sure what it would go with. Do you have any idea of how much they would go for?
  12. ^^ No its a much older Bottega. The shape is more like the IF hobos -- short, unwoven strap, major sized woven bucket! I'm bringing it in to my resale shop tomorrow. I'll let you know what they think it will sell for. Of course, its more a season for your color than my pale pink.
  13. I would definitely be interested in hearing what bags people ae interested in selling...we should ABSOLUTELY get fist dibs!!!