Me and my papillon

  1. [​IMG]

    Im a little chunky cuz i just had a baby 3 months ago lol
  2. No look fabulous!!!!!!!!! Oh yea...the bag too LOL It looks great on you :smile:
  3. love your papillon. it looks great on you! and hush, you don't look chunky at all.
  4. Lovely---you and your bag!:yes:
  5. You both look great. You have beautiful hair.
  6. You look great! Congrats!
  7. You look lovely....Oh so does your papillon, too!:yes: :flowers:
  8. lol thanks. The lighting was bad. But i love it.
  9. Congrats!!
  10. you look abfab!!!!!! congrats...
  11. you look great!!!
  12. thanks. That was taken last night :biggrin:
  13. looks great on you!! congrats once again on your beauty..=)
  14. oh how sweet! I love my bag. I wont put it on the floor, i take it everywhere. Its the best thing ever. Im buying the monogram cles next to match
  15. Thanks for posting pictures of you wearing the papillon..I always wonder what it will look like on the shoulder. Is it the papillon 26 or 30? It looks great on you! :smile: