Me and My new LV stuff

  1. Ok, I posted the other day about my new damier speedy...I've decided to keep it and just use a purseket to protect my stuff. My dh bought me a damier checkbook cover (actually pocket agenda) to go with it! So here are some pics of the new speedy on me. :yahoo:
    me and new bag.JPG me and purse 3.JPG new babies.JPG
  2. Nice!! I've been wanting to get a Damier Speedy myself! Congratulations!!!
  3. Very nice,looks great on you..congrats!!!
  4. congrat's, the bag looks great on you.
  5. congrats! damier's so classy!
  6. Congratulations, :yahoo: I swear I'm trying not to like this bag, but it's growing on me:graucho:
  7. *Congratulations*
    That is a great looking bag, enjoy!
  8. what a team- looks great! enjoy!
  9. congratulations!
  10. congrats!
  11. congrats!,I love the damier speedy ,and the purseket gives it such a nice shape!
  12. A very nice bag. I'm definitely getting one!
  13. congrats on your purchases!
  14. oh it such a cute combo, im still waiting for my bf to get me the matching wallet for my damier speedy as well..

    ur pic make me want the wallet even more.. :drool:

    btw, purseket is such a great solution for 'bleeding damier speedy' :lol:
  15. It looks great on you!! congrats!