Me and my new bag

  1. Well-sort of new. I bought this bag from a week or so ago it is owned by a member here. I carried it today for the first time-I liked it a lot-tell me what you think (please excuse my fat arse):
    merick bag.jpg
  2. It's a very pretty hobo and it looks great on you!
  3. Congrats, it looks great on you.

    If you're talking about fat arses, I need to lose about 15 kg at least :biggrin:
  4. It's very cute! Congrats!
  5. I think you look fabulous!!! I am glad to see that you are carrying it! It is great advertising for me!!!! :smile: Anne
  6. Yeah Anne-when hubby saw the bag the other day-he hated it honestly! his exact words weren't too kind-LOL!

    But, today was the first day I carried it-and he said it looked good on me-and he was surprised.
  7. First of all, the bag looks lovely on you, secondly you don't have a "fat" arse and thirdly I like your unique tattoo on your ankle/calf from what I can see from the pic!
  8. Nice bag! It looks great on you - and btw, so does your a***.
  9. it looks great on u...congrats :smile:
  10. Nishi, you look great with your new bag. Congrats! =)
  11. Husband's:huh: ! They always know how to kill a good handbag high!!! I am glad that he had a change of heart....I think it looks really cute:roflmfao: !
  12. oooooooohhh very nice. like your skirt, too

  13. thanks for the compliment on the tat :biggrin:. Hubby has the same one in a much bigger version on his arm-
  14. Doesn't it kill you when you get a bag you love and Hubby takes away that Purse adrenaline rush. I think with mine it comes down to cost. If the bag is below 300 then he'll consider it in good taste. LOL
    He tells me it's a good thing he doesn't have an expensive obsession too (AS HE SITS IN FRONT OF THE 2500 DOLLAR TV HE BOUGHT).
  15. very cute, i like it! ;)