Me and My LV in a World Famous Setting GALAPAGOS


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Jan 4, 2006
I just had to do this picture :smile: Just came back from vacation ...

We were only permitted 30lbs of luggage on the plane! We went to the Galapagos Islands ... an amazing trip ... basically the flight from Ecuador mainland to the Islands required us to take minimal luggage, and NO luxuries basically, only essentials and all clothes etc. were hiking stuff, nothing styling at all -oh my I'm still wearing the life vest even from the zodiac ride in the pic lol - well had to have at least ONE luxury, so guess what I took? Haha ! my tiny LV Cancun Pouchette! and I brought it onshore and took a picture with the local Iguanas just to show all my friends on the Purse Forum when I got back and challenge you all to take a picture or post one of you and your LV on Vacation at some very cool place :smile: Here I am in the Galapagos Islands by a nesting bed of local Iguanas on Santiago Island my gear sure isn't fashionable, but I can sure bet those iguanas are impressed I have an LV with me! :


I must make a point about this Pouchette Cancun --- it is a very tiny LV piece, but for a cruise .. I was on Celebrity's Xpedition for this one .. it is perfect to carry a Canon Elf Camera .. it fits great !! and I used it for that a lot -- and its just the right size for that and your room key...

Also attached is a picture from the same trip where I was on a bus tour before we flew to the Galapagos where I used the Pouchette to carry my Canon Elf and it was just the most awesome way to have a compact camera case for the tour, I love this little piece! No wonder the iguanas look so impressed ! Lol .. the attached picture is of me wearing it at the Presidential Palace in Quito Ecuador... Lets see some cool pics of your LVs on vacation at some cool spots :smile: I think it could be fun .. thanks for looking! And my pouchette survived the trip in great shape and is ready for its next adventure -- late January to Belize and more on a cruise on the Grand Princess! Oh and now I have the Panda pouchette I bought today to vie for adventure time now LOL! Have a happy holiday season everyone :smile:



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OMG:wtf: i'd be terrified! you and your Louie are fearless!

looks like you had alot of fun though!

thats a good idea we should post pic of us with our LV is all kinds of far out far i doubt anyone could beat you!
Game On! :yahoo: That is an excellent idea! I hope you had a fabulous vacation! I am off to a location in April. We could call the thread "Where in the world is Louis?" ...what do you guys think?...sounds fun :yes:
Wow, sounds like your holiday way really exciting.It's a great idea to photograph LV on holiday too.:P Unfortunately my own LV never goes anywhere exciting.:Push: