Me and my lovely Teal/Turquoise Muse II

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
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    Hi ladies,

    I've attached pics of me with my Medium Teal/Turquoise Muse II. I had to take separate pics of my bottom and top half because of the sunlight. Hopefully you can get a good feel for how lovely it is!

    I'll post pics of me with my new Pewter Besace the next time I wear it. :smile:


    Jasmin in Muse II 1.jpg Jasmin in Muse II 2.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! You know I love this bag. So glad you got one. Thanks for posting!
  3. It looks beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Beautiful, I love the turquoise so much, mine actually just arrived.

    Congratulations, and your coat is great too!
  5. Woo Hoo! Gorgeous! Wear in good health.
  6. it is gorgeous and looks stunning on you! :heart:
  7. I love the color, congrats!
  8. its beautiful! Congratulations!!
  9. Chinsumo, this compliment coming from you means a lot. I always love your outfits! I adore this coat. I feel awesome whenever I put it on. I think it looks cool with colored bags.
  10. looks fabulous!
  11. I'm loving your Muse II and coat!
  12. Fabulous color!
    Congrats !!
  13. Very nice!
  14. It really does look great with your muse II. I think they compliment each other perfectly!
  15. Beautiful bag! I love your coat too, so chic!!