Me and my lcuk with bad azurs! Rant! Needs quality control!!!

  1. So as many of you know, last time I purchased an azur speedy 25, elux sent me a terribly used one! :wtf: And today, I paid $6 for parking and spent a good amount of time looking for the perfect azur (the SA was wonderful and patient) but I can't believe some of the "problemed" ones I saw. I looked at 4 total. One had a crooked Made in USA tab. I'm usually picky but this was obvious. Another had whiter spots on the tab (from the natural cow hide they use). It looked like it was bleached AND the handles were so wrinkly on the bottom that it felt uncomforable when hand-held. On the 3rd one, the canvas was sewn bad so it was wrinkly by the piping. So FINALLY I decided on the 4th.... the only "flaw" on that one was that the zipper wasnt sewn very well. Well, after paying the atrocious price for parking... and bribing a good friend to drive... we made our way home. Well, in the car... I find that 1. the fabric on the zipper has a hole!!!! YES, A HOLE! and 2. there was something wrong with the cowhide on the tip of the tab so that on one side.... it isnt thick, its seriously SO thin its like a sheet of paper!!!! :cursing: I'm so frustrated! Can't I just walk in, grab one, and leave with one in acceptable condition. I looked carefully at tht store but I guess not carefully enough!!! :sad: Now, i have to go back tomorrow.
  2. aww. sorry to hear. i hope you can find your perfect azur soon!
  3. Yikes, I hope Azur Speedy production team are not being pressured for the wait list, or there will be more Speedy born w/like this :crybaby:
    Is there any other LV around in ur city, Saks, or NM?
  4. Oh that's horrible! I hope you're able to get the perfect speedy soon!
  5. If you don't like it, then go back and exchange for another azur or maybe another style/model.

    Speedies (except for epi, MC and LE) generally are not very well made imo. It is afterall LV's most profitable bag, so definitely not a lot of 'care' goes into making it.
  6. Exactly! Thats the beef I have with LV quality lately. When I went to pick up my Azur Speedy, they only had 2 come in, and the first one they showed me had scratches on the handles. The one I have now also has some wrinkles on the underside of one of the handles but they said that its normal:
  7. ITA. But its still no excuse IMO. When you buy your typical first LV, you want it amazing and a lot 1st time buyers dont know to check it for imperfection till its too late.:wtf: For that reason LV should take extra care. After all the speedy is there signature bag. :cursing: That just makes me angry. Srry. Rant ovr.
  8. irritating!! I hope you find a perfect one tomorrow!
  9. I hope so too. I'm so frustrated!! I looked at ALL 4 speedies they had in store and its just unbelievable that all 4 had noticable "problems." I'm even more so annoyed I made the trip all the way there and now I have to do it all over again! Can't they do something about that? I know a lot of people don't scruntinize their bags but the things I saw were noticable (gosh, the crooked tabbed one would just drive me nuts!!). But there are some people out there that don't care... for example, a few weeks ago I wanted to get the saleya but the piping was off and the handles were bent so I decided to wait for the next shipment. Now it's almost a month later and they have ZERO saleya azurs meaning someone bought that one AND the display too!!
  10. i kind of agree with you cecilia. i hope they do something about it though. they always reason out that they're all handmade and can never be perfect. but sometimes the defects are really obvious and bothersome.

    melikemochi, hope you find a better one when you go back to the store!
  11. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I'm going to go to another LV store tomorrow and hopefully I will find a kinda SA that will be happy to show me a few. I'll let everyone know how that goes.
  12. Good luck with your search tomorrow. :smile:
  13. Hmmm, after this thread, I had to look at my Azur Speedy. Luckily I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Guess I'm just not that picky.
  14. Pia and louislovesfendi818: ya, I know and I agree, they SHOULD be making the speedies very well. Then again, they apparently don't... So I guess there's not much we can do about this other than to not buy this model or choose wisely :yes:
  15. why don't you go to a different store?since the other speedies on that store have visible problems.You can exchange it to any LV store anyway.Goodluck