Me and my Large YSL Muse

  1. [​IMG]

  2. [​IMG]
  3. It's Beautiful....& Looks So Fabulous On You!
  4. I've left my new oversize choc Muse at home for the day, and I'm really missing her!

    Yours looks stunning!
  5. Chocolate Muse is soooo..oooo beautiful!!!
    TammyD, you look fab!!!
  6. A Fendi Bbag, now a Muse? Woohoo!
  7. Beautiful pictures...I have the large black muse too and I love it!!
  8. Thanks ladies!! I have so many new bags sitting around I haven't gotten round to using them yet. Love this one. I've used it for almost a month already.
  9. Smokin hot, Tammy! Very nice!!
  10. Thats the perfect size on you :yes: . Thanks for the pics. :smile:
  11. I love it! It looks great on you!
  12. I :heart: big bags!!! The bag looks fantastic! It looks great on you very Rockstar!!!
  13. Wow, beautiful :love: It's the perfect size!!! :biggrin:
  14. it looks beautiful!!!congrats!
  15. Looks great on you.
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