Me and My Fendi...New York!

  1. I just got here and wanted to post some pics!

    Here is a pic of me in the bathroom at the airport:

    and here is a pic of my baby in my uncles house:

    Hopefully more pics to come!!!:graucho:
  2. Great pics, thanx for sharing. Are u on holiday or business?

    Either way, have fun. Wow if i were in NY right now i'd be spending up BIG!! I love it there but it's just sooo busy, definately alot busier than here in South Australia!! HAHA
  3. Have fun in NYC! I LOVE NYC!!!:yahoo: Take great care! Be sure to take your fendi sightseeing!
  4. awwww, great pics!!
  5. Great pics!! Love the idea of showing a Spy's journey and where she has been!
  6. awww how cute!! - in the airport!@!??? hahah u go girl!
  7. great pics!! ;)
  8. I love that chair your spy is sitting on!
  9. Thanks for sharing. Looks great!
  10. Welcome to the Big Apple! I'll stop ya if I see you around! teehee
  11. Welcome to NYC! We :heart: you and your spy!

    I'll be out and about today with my spy (am wearing my zucca, just like yours!) so keep your eyes peeled. :p
  12. Ooooo more pics of you and your spy on holiday in NYC.
  13. I just came home from the doctor I didn't get to take pics... too busy with doctah stuff! Maybe goin around Manhattan tonight!!! Will take pics!!!
  14. yay can't wait for those pics! I love nyc, wish I was there. :tender:
  15. ahhh your fabby bag looks like she is having a great time!!! :biggrin: