Me and my Damier speedy 30 part 2 - need advice! PICS >>>

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  1. Ok I took some more pics to see if I like the size. Should I stick with this 30 or go get the 35? what do you guys think!
    thanks again! and my apologies for posting again, its just that I dont spend alot of money on bags usually so I want to make sure I LOVE them!
    for reference im 5''5 (without heels) 110lbs.

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  2. Honestly, I think it looks perfect. You have such a small frame that a 35 might make you off balance with stuff in it.
  3. ^^^ ita
  4. 30 for sure! very little ambiguity in my opinion.
  5. Keep the 30.. there's a reason it's a classic!
  6. The 30 looks perfect on you (:
  7. The 30 is the perfect size for you; the 35 would be huge.
  8. Love it!!! Keep the 30!!
  9. You look great keep the 30 :biggrin:
  10. The 30 looks perfect on you! Congrats!
  11. keep the 30 -- it looks great on you!!
  12. keep the 30.
  13. Girlll this is your second post on this? Get the 35!!! Work the big bag. Don't force yourself into liking the 30 if it just doesn't feel right to you :smile:
  14. thanks guys!
    the damier pattern really has grown on me, it looks great with alot of colors in my wardrobe (navy, beige, brown, cream, a little black)
    im still going to try the 35 on tomorrow (if they have it) just to be 100% sure thou.
  15. I agree, keep the 30. BTW, I love your coat in the first pic! Where is it from?