me and my carly!

  1. pls ignore the packing boxes and my pj's! lol this is med sig carly. does she look too big on me?
  2. I think it looks perfect on you, but then again, I LOVE big bags. I'd say keep it if it doesn't get on your nerves or anything. It's up to you. You have to love it. Good luck w/ your decision! I love the black sig carly!
  3. No.. it doesn't look too big on you.. It's pretty and perfect:yes:
  4. It looks beautiful on you. Great choice!
  5. Wow I didnt realize the medium was that big! I think it looks good but you def couldnt go w/ the large!
  6. thanks ladies! and glamgirl it isnt that big- i m just that short! lol.
  7. Looks just right! Keep it!
  8. Looks great on you perfect size!!
  9. I think it looks good on you! Have you put your stuff in it yet, because that usually shrinks it a little bit on the top. I love the black sig carly.
  10. must be really petite! My med signature doesn't look as big as yours (time to hit the gym I guess! :nuts:). It looks great on you...I dont think anyone can go wrong, no matter which Carly they choose!
  11. She looks FANTASTIC on you! GREAT choice!!!!
  12. I think it's the perfect size for you. Looks great!
  13. It looks awesome on you!!
  14. I say keep it. The Carly is such a great bag.
  15. I think it looks good on you.