Me and my bags....

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  1. Some random picture of me and my Louis(es)... Yes. It's one of those lazy Sunday evenings that I'd rather be on my computer than do anything else while my DH's out for beers with his mates..

    IMG_2961.jpg IMG_2963.jpg IMG_2964.jpg IMG_2967.jpg IMG_3011.jpg
  2. More...
    IMG_3012.jpg IMG_3108.jpg IMG_3217.jpg IMG_3220.jpg IMG_3221.jpg
  3. Last batch...

    I don't have that many Louis. My flavour of the month is obviously the Soufflot! I dress her up with my jewellery to give it a more personalised feel. :smile:
    IMG_3222.jpg mini poch on bike.jpg
  4. Great stuff! I love your soufflot too!
  5. Lovely collection :love:
  6. wow!!
  7. Thank you for sharing.
  8. love your azur wallet!
  9. Thanks, ladies. I'm just bored looking at the same threads over and over again. Maybe this one would entertain more. Nothing flashy, but. :smile:

    poutine, it's actually an Azur small agenda. :smile:
  10. lovely collection, congrats
  11. Love that carryall! You're making me want one.
  12. nice stuff!
  13. I love your carryall!
  14. wow. your soufflot and carryall are beautiful!! you look fantastic with them! I love LV pics :yes:
  15. awesome pic's thanks for sharing :smile: