Me and my Ali's

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  1. Charcoal Suede Ali arrived. Sweet . . . It's got to be the darkest brown suede ever, nowhere near chocolate, a lot darker and greater depth than mahogany, which most photo's cannot capture

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  2. Its beautiful! I love the trim! :yes:
  3. It looks like a sexy shade of espresso! Beautiful!
  4. WOW! I love the Ali; what beautiful bags.
  5. Thank you! That's it! Espresso! Charcoal is such a deception color name!

    The metallic trim has a hint of brown in it which brings out the brown in the suede. Coach should use this suede for other styles, it really is nice.
  6. I love the Ali bag and I can see you do too! The suede is gorgeous! I love the metallic trim.
  7. Beautiful Ali collection! very enabling! LOL.
  8. wow somebody loves alis
  9. I just came back with a nice glass of Rioja to drool over all your gorgeous Ali's again. :drool: What a beautiful collection. I bought a whiskey Ali last week and I am so smitten. I really want to get another one-probably the black. Hey, does anyone want a glass of wine? :drinkup:
  10. I love your Ali family -- so cute together! And wine ... not sure, I might end up like this ... :tispy:
  11. You know I posted these for you! You wanted to see the sisters! Besides I appreciated your Ali story so much!

    Honestly, I feel so relieved to find a style of bag that suits me. I'm not chasing for that perfect bag anymore!
  12. WOW they are gorgeous!!! :smile: my ali is totally one of my favorite bags, i would def think about getting another in brown!
  13. aawww..what a gorgeous family of Ali's! The white is TDF...
  14. WOW :nuts: that is one gorgeous bag!!
    Oh wait a minute.. that is a bunch of gorgeous bags!!
    I am jealous.. just hoping for ONE ali!!! Lucky Girl!! ;)

  15. I was cruisin' Ebay earlier and I saw an Ali in a plum suede with metallic trim. I thought I heard it say Tell Entheos I said hello! Are you ready to go for 5?!;) I know what you mean about finding the perfect bag. It just has so much going for it and it feels good on the body, doesn't it! Wear them all in the best of health!!
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