me and Malena

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  1. ok, I tried to take pics but I obviously suck at it. I'm not sure why they're so unclear. Hopefully it gives you an idea of the bag and the size (I'm 5'6). I think it's a keeper.
    IMG_1065.JPG IMG_1068.JPG
  2. Congratulations --Looks great!!
  3. What a beauty:drool:
    Congratulations and Enjoy your new baby:choochoo:
  4. WOW - that is a GORGEOUS bag!

    Love it - thank you for posting the pics!
  5. Thanks for posting the pics. The Malena is a great bag. :heart:

    So the black version has silver hardware, huh? That's interesting, because JC usually does gold hardware!
  6. Congrats on a great bag - it looks great on you too!
  7. Thanks!

    I didn't realize JC was usually gold. The hardware on Malena is silver (I noticed Neiman Marcus just said "silver-toned") but it's not shiny at all, a very brushed silver.
  8. Looks great on you. Congrats Beth. =)
  9. Looks great - I take it that's the large Malena?
  10. Very cute. Enjoy your new Malena.
  11. love it!!! congrats
  12. The Malena looks fabulous on you! Love frame-shaped bags! Enjoy!
  13. I think it is a keeper too just beth:tup: It is really pretty with the silver hardware. I have a silver Mahala with the silver hardware and it is nice for a change. Enjoy!
  14. I think that's the small one. It seems like they had a bigger one too, but I may be remembering wrong.
  15. Really pretty! :yahoo: