me and gst

  1. This is my new gst- hope I am posting in right place- I will probably exchange it for black as much as I love the color, though
    bluearm.jpg blueshoulder.jpg burberrychanel.jpg
  2. Love it!! It especially looks good with the blakc outfit.

    Why are you going to exchange it?
  3. looking very lovely... the bag really pops out w/ darker colors!
  4. that bag is gorgeous on you!! love it with both outfits!
  5. i am really scared i won't take care of it as well as a black- i'm kinda rough
  6. i am a teacher, but I want to actually use it-I am scared the beige will show wear more than a black
  7. ITA
    I think that black will take abuse(?) better. I tend to abuse(not take care) my bags, so I try to stay away from light colored ones.:sad:
  8. Yeah- that's what i was thinking. I wouldn't abuse it- just really use it as an every day purse since I spent so much. I was really into the beige, but something happened to my grandma w/ that color leather that scared me.
  9. do whatever you feel is right. Its not worth it to spend that much on a bag if it's not the color you want!
  10. i really love how the beige looks on you. but i'm sure if you go for the black, it'll be just a gorgeous.
  11. great color! looks nice with your outfits! I agree though, the black would be perfect for daily use.
  12. I love the beige, but if you think black would be better suited for your purposes, then get it.
  13. is there anyone here that actually uses the beige everyday?
  14. it looks fantastic on you!!
  15. i tried this bag on today and i absolutely loved it!! it looks great on you. congrats!