Me and Grapeshine...

  1. Being a ridiculously snowy day in my neck of the woods today, and having to pop in and out, picking up and dropping off DD, I decided to get out the Grapeshine Trophy Satchel,for my travels. I wondered to myself "how come I've hardly ever used this amazing bag?" (She is beautiful!) but... hmmm... I think it's something about that light purple edgepaint that 's putting me off. It's so ... Purple! I did something I thought might be a really bad mistake and got out a fine paint brush and some black leather dye. Hmmm. What a finicky job! Hmmm. Took me all day, Didn't touch anything but the purple edgepaint, mind you ...but now...

    ...But now! I'm so happy!!!:yahoo: She's still that deep deep purple, almost black in some lights, but reflects the purple just in the right light. Now she looks more like Blackberry than Grape. Shewill definately be seeing the light of day alot more now! :love:

    Presenting my "new Blackberry /old Grapeshine" TS... Whadyathink?
  2. WOW, Temo!

    So all you did was paint the edges where the bag was light purple? And it looks SO different bc of it?! Amazing! Bravo!!!

    Is the new dye transfering at all? What brand did you use?
  3. Yes all I did was paint the edges.:yes: I can't believe what a difference such a small thing makes! I used feibings.
  4. Temo- This has to be one of my favorite Mods! I love how you made your Jinhee and your TS Trophy your own. The Blackberry looks so cool! I love to see a close up shot of the edging.
  5. Bravo Temo! The leather on the TS is so soft. It looks super lovely! :smile:
  6. omg looks amazing!! I love it
  7. Bravo, Temo!!! That light purple was what I hated on the Havana tassel. This is perfect! So was it mainly on the braided strap? Or on the TS are there other places where the sueded side is exposed? We need a close-up! It's gorgeous!!
  8. Wow. What a tedious job!!! You make all your bags your own, Temo!! I love that quality in you! :winkiss:

    Modeling shots please?? :tender:
  9. I know! I know! Who knew! - that this huge purple beauty could become a viable neutral! She's soo "puddly", and now that she'll be getting out more, I know that this leather will get even better with use! :love: Thanks for your encouragement guys! Here's some better pic's without the flash. I'll get some mod shots up later today.

    Jen, it's all the edgepaint all over the bag that I changed. (And that's a lot on a Trophy! phew!)

    hhts1.jpg hhts2.jpg hhts3.jpg
  10. WOW Temo that much have taken a lot of time and patience. It looks perfect like it was supposed to be that way. It's beautiful!
  11. Thanks! Sometmes I think that maybe Toni would be horrified & :shocked: if she saw what I did to her creations. :shame: ...but then again she has always been so sweet and gracious anytime I have contacted her, that maybe not.

    I found a before pic of "Grapeshine" to compare with "Blackberry". You can see the light purple edgepaint on the "before" one, but keep in mind that the "after" shot is without flash.
    hhts3.jpg zzzzz3.jpg
  12. Temo what did you do about the zipper track? Is it still light purple?
  13. Nope. That was the last touch. I took a perm black marker and it fit right in the groove to nicely cover.
  14. WOW you thought of everything. :nuts: That makes me think I could try Grape "Blackberry" Shine.

  15. Here's the Zipper: