Me and Bronze Maddy and the Snnake

  1. We went out for a cruise today with our car club and I took Maddy. She was quite a hit with all the ladies...
    maddy 010.jpg
  2. ;)JM! Shove're blockin' the car!

    NICE car, and you look FABULOUS with your may have just sold me on a metallic.... :drool:
  3. Love Maddy and the car...:drool:
  4. Jmcadon, you've got a BOOST CAR (re: Disney Pixar Cars). My son would want us to change my sensible soccer mom car to something like this. A couple of days ago my car was in service, and I had to rent a small Mazda, yikes, with manual gears, and my son LOVED IT!!! Although I'm not ready yet for downsizing carwise, I have to admit that the Viper on the inside of the hood is SOOO COOL!! You, Maddy and Viper= HOT!!:graucho:
  5. Ok - great bag!
    - Good hair day!
    - Now move over sister !! :nuts:...Lets see the car, your face and the bag!
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    ITA! Love the bag, your hair looks gorgeous, but let's see the CAR:nuts:
  7. Thanks Choo girlfriends. The hair color is Loreal light golden blonde...and the car is alot of fun! But the that's class...!
  8. Your bronze Maddy is divine!
  9. I love the bronze.
  10. Great picture jmcadon! You are absolutely stylin' getting out of your Viper with that beautiful bronze Maddy. Anyone who thinks the Maddy is too small should look at your picture. Great size. I have not used mine in a while...time to pull her out!
  11. Here you go Pursinsanity.
  12. Thanks jmcadon!!
  13. That's a beauty!!
  14. Are you able to wear your maddy on your shoulder comfortably? Thanks
  15. I can wear it on my shoulder with thin sleeved tops. I don't think it would be very comfy with a coat, tho. Go to the sticky thread of member with their Choo bags and Samantha has a pic of the red maddy on her shoulder.