Me again with a bit of an e-bay rant

  1. OK I have alot of fun with e-bay, it is sort of a hobby for me. I have been scammed and that is not fun, but more of my experiences have been pleasant.
    I can't stand the fakes out there--vehmently hate them. I guess I could live with the blatant fakes if the auctions didn't say they were authentic and they priced the as really low BIN. What really bothers me is when the seller promised authentic, has a story as to where they purchased it, even show fake receipts AND start the auctions at astronomical prices. I can't believe that people can actually be that deceiptful. :rant:
    Ok I'm done for now...
  2. Oh no, did you recently get scammed? Are you talking about fake Chanel or fake Louis Vuitton?
  3. Hi Smooth!! People like you make e-bay so much fun....I didn't get scammed recently but for some reason I was thinking about it today. I got scammed twice...once with LV (for lots of $$ because it was a le fabuleux--hateful fake bate and switch) and once with a Chloe paddington. I actually got so turned off by both experiences that I don't even like the fabuleux anymore...I did finally buy two chloes but with the help of the wonderful gals here!!
  4. Thanks, that's sweet of you to say.

    There are so many fake suhali bags on eBay. It's very difficult to tell identify the fake one's sometimes, but I've become some what of an expert at it. I have a white Le Fab. I had a gold one for about 24hours but decided to return it to LV because I wouldn't get enough use out of it. I'd LOVE to own a black Le Fab some day - but it's way way way down at the bottom of my list. It keeps getting pushed down because I find some new "I gotta have" bag just about every other week.:P
  5. I totally agree... Although I have not been torn away quite yet, these scammers are just ruthless, and the way they lie is unbelievable. They have no remorse and so deceiving.
  6. It`s so sad how many liars and scammers there are on ebay. It`s truly worse when they have great feedback, receipts and the whole shabang... but it`s a fake.
  7. I hear you. I've been scammed by someone with great feedback:censor: :rant: I've been tempted many times again, but can't get myself to buy anything on ebay. It's scary to bid on something so expensive just to get burned:sad:
  8. I don't even look at ebay anymore! So many of the fake bags are being sold by people with great just cannot trust ebay!
  9. I'm not familiar with eBay. What is a bait and switch?
  10. This is when they show a picture of a real bag, which the buyer thinks they won, but they send out a fake bag.
  11. Why doesn't ebay do something about this. Especially the ones that have BIn at those low prices. Do people really think they are getting an "authentic" bag for that price?? How ignorant can they be in that regard?
  12. This is why I am not jumping at the real Fendi Sequined Spy up for sale for $3900. I just can't see losing that kind of money if it turned out to be a fake. I already got scammed on a sequin spy bag once.