Mdme Paulette's think they can fix - Price range ideas??

  1. Hello all -

    Well I found and purchased this very lovely 90 cm twill scarf on eBay. The colorway is perfect for me and price was acceptable.
    I wasn't expecting pristine, but when I opened the package, I recognized the unmistakable odor of mildew and realized the faint "marks" that looked like color fade on the photos were really powdery mildew stains. Aside from that, the scarf doesn't have any holes and doesn't appear to have noticable fiber damage.

    We won't go into all the yucky details of how those may have developed :rolleyes:, but having lived in the tropics in my past lives, I know it "lives" in the textile without special treatment.

    I contacted Madame Paulette's in NYC and they feel they can restore it, no problem (Geez, compared to working on Princess Diana's gowns this will be a snap!).

    SO, as I don't live in New York and will have to send the scarf in for a true estimate, I'm just wondering what sort of price range we might be looking at: Would it run above $100, $200?? -
    I like the scarf, but more than $150, I think I should send it back to the original seller.
    Does anyone have any experience with their price range? -- I hate to be such a novice :shame: and just don't want to get over committed to something I shouldn't! - And we all know NY prices can be very different that suburbia.

    Any tips would be appreciated! - :heart:
  2. If you can send it back, go ahead. Who needs a reclamation project?
  3. I dont know how much they charge for shipping which u would have to include in the price but if you take it to them in person, I have never seen them charge more than $45 to clean a problematic H scarf. The mildrew problems should be real easy for them BTW

    They will give you a price quote before starting work on it, of course
  4. Seton, you are such a great info resource!!
  5. If Madame P can get mildew stains out of silk that would be fabby. I have seen mildew stains on linen which never came out :sad:
  6. Thanks Seton!! - that gives me a good ballpark - I think I'll send it in - And report back here with before & after pics.:idea: