MD, DC, VA Meet - Tyson's, 9/15 at 1 pm

  1. Tyson's Corner, 1 pm at the Cheesecake Factory. Where we'll have lunch and meet one another. We need a head count to make a reservation. Since I may have to work and ergo not a definite, can someone who is a definite to put the reservation in your name once we get a close head count? Come on, let's do this!!
  2. Count me in!
  3. I'm down, tentatively.:tup:
  4. ^^ Sorry I can't make it, you girls have fun.

    BlkLadyLaw, first Bill now Obama. OK, we need to talk about CBC. I'll PM you.
  5. can the newbies show up?
  6. im in... :smile:)
  7. Newbies, --anyone luvin Chanel can attend.

    That said where is everyone?
  8. count me in !!!!
    This is in 2 weeks we got to get the replies !!!
    come on ladies- DC/MD/VA we need to represent
  9. count me in for 2- my mom and I will be there and we're so excited to meet everyone and obsess over chanel!
  10. You girls have fun!! Wish I could go, but my daughter has to cheer for their Homecoming football game.
  11. Wish I could be there....and just a note, CCF doesnt take reservations, so show up early!
  12. I lived just across the street from Tysons two weeks ago, too bad im back home now! You ladies have fun!
  13. Final Head Count- Everybody In >
  14. I'm planning on attending unless something very unforeseen happens. If anyone arrives a tad later, just ask the hostess where the Chanel lovers are or the forum members. We need some identifier so we don't miss meeting folks.
  15. I love Tyson's. I would come if I could.