MD/DC Girls

  1. We never get the good sales, etc.....

    I guess we will have to move to NY huh??:idea:
  2. Neimans always has good sales as well as the Saks in Tysons II.
  3. so funny! i moved from md to nyc and have found just the opposite...

    i just got a jade paddy at towson mall for 609! and the Nordies rack always has great sunnies, shoes and jeans...
  4. congratulations on your jade paddy, she sounds gorgeous! just wondering, did you get her in the main handbags department at towson's Nordstroms?
  5. sure we have good sales at nordies/neimans/saks but those sample salessssssssssssss....ahhh why can't we have them here too?!? haha
  6. Loehmans has fantastic sales! Try the one in Friendship heights, I go to the one in fair lakes, va and it's wonderful. I Heart Loehmans!
  7. I moved not too long ago from VA to NYC and I so miss Nordstrom's rack!! NY sample sales are nice, but the cost of living in NYC is crazy. Actually I find I get the best deals on line.
  8. You're right - there are always "deals" to be had - you just gotta look and yes, most of my "steals" have been on line as well. I'm "new" to this bag thing (since March) and find that I want a great bag for a great price and alas, think that end of season "sale times" are the right time for me to purchase. So that means NM when they're having their sales (before Last Call), the Botkier website, the Be&D sample sale via email, Ananas moving sale, Hayden Harnett Big Bang.....the list goes on! This Forum is also a great resource. Thanks to all:yes: I'm really enjoying my new passion!
  9. yep!
  10. There's a new Loehman's that's going to be opening in Columbia shortly!
  11. Filene's Basement has some good stuff too. They just opened one in Tysons, but I know there's a few others in the area. Also I've gotten some good deals at Saks in Tysons II. I agree though some sample sales would be nice. :yes: But until then, I go up to Woodbury Outlets in Central Valley, NY whenever I go visit my uncle who lives about an hour away of them.
  12. My favorite place to shop when I lived in the MD/DC area was C-Mart...Fantastic! Designer things at crazy markdowns (all auth.)
  13. Hey, I'm a northern Virginia shopaholic, and I've never heard of C-Mart. What/where is that??????
  14. Just to spread the word, a new store just opened up in Alexandria called "Treat." Basically they go to all the sample sales and scope out other good sales, and then bring the clothes to their store and sell at a discounted price. It just opened a couple weeks ago so they're just starting to gather inventory, but sounds like it has a lot of potential! I was in today and saw some cute stuff at 40-50% off. There weren't any purses but perhaps that's in the future.

    Anyways, I definitely recommend keeping it in mind for the future. You can't shop on their site, but for informational purposes here you go!
  15. There are 2 locations, one near Baltimore and one in PG County, next to FedEx Field.