MD and VA Bag lovers- Potomac Mills Nordstrom Rack and Saks!

  1. For anyone in the area, I was at Potomac Mills at Nordstrom Rack and Off 5th (the Saks outlet) today, and Nordstrom Rack had several Chloes marked down to $599 (no idea what they were, unfortunately- I can't find anything like them to link, but they were very soft, with a sueded, worn look, and another was a satchel-type, but not a Paddington, I don't think), quite a few Michael Kors Skorpios bags marked down to about $600 (looked like this: ), a a Dolce and Gabbana briefcase/satchel thing for $600, a ton of Isabella Fiore,and a Jimmy Choo silver clutch for around $300.

    Saks had a bunch of Kooba Carla bags for $230, and a really beautiful green leather Prada satchel-type bag (in addition to a TON of those horrible tiny nylon bags..I can't for the life of me figure out WHY they even make those). There were also a bunch of Isabella Fiores there too, but unfortunately, not the one I was looking for. They also had quite a selection of Betsy Johnson bags marked way down, as well.

    There was a ton more, but those were the bags that stood out to me the most! Definitely worth checking out fi you're in the area.
  2. Could you give us an idea of the size of the Chloe and Isabella Fiore bags? Any large ones? Thanks so much for posting this I am on my way there tomorrow from So. MD.
  3. After doing a bit of research, I'm pretty sure the two smaller Chloe bags were Silverados. They were both a slate color (though one was more a chocolate-slate) and were a very soft, distressed sueded leather. Maybe 10inX6in? The larger, satchel-type kinda resembled a Paddington, but there was no lock. As for the sizes, I'd guess the larger satchel was about 14Wx10h, maybe? and maybe 4in deep?

    Isabella Fiore at Nordstrom Rack: They were all larger bags. There were several Carina bags, including at least two Woven Glory bags in brown and cream, I believe, and a couple Chain Reactions in brown and black. There was also an Audra in a slightly metallic-y brown- no idea what style Audra that is. There were some others I didn't recognize, unfortunately.

    At Saks: There were several Shirr Honor Carina bags in brown (the slightly weird brown:
    and several Lil Bow Moniques in brown. There were others, but nothing that stood out to me. All were larger bags. I was hoping for a Quilty Pleasure, as I've heard that people are occasionally finding them at both places, but no luck.
  4. That's great info. Does anyone have an opinion on which is a better day to shop at Nordies rack? I called the store yesterday, and they said the truck comes in 5-6 times a week and they never know what's going to be on it. I figured Monday may not be the best day to shop b/c all the handbags would be picked over from the weekend. Any thoughts on better days to shop?
  5. thanks for the tip...I'm curious about the silver Jimmy Choo clutch

    I typically go the Nordstrom rack near Dulles Town Center and the Saks Off 5th in Leesburg as lunchtime escapes from my job...I never see any of those designers...I guess I need to go to Potomac Mills

    FYI if you sign up on the Nordstrom website for Nord rack emails they tend to send by mail or email updates on when certain shipments are arriving in stores. You can usually ask at the checkout counter also.
  6. awwww i miss potomac mills! went once while i was in virginia. fantastic shopping! my friends and i were rushing from 1 - 5 (we only went up to 4 before we had to leave)
  7. Sure, great deals show up a week after I move from MD!
  8. I didn't even realize there was a NR near Dulles Town- I'll be checking that out too next time I'm up there. Thanks!

    Edit: I can't believe I forgot these, because I almost bought one- there were two Isabella Fiore Twisted Sister Skylar bags at Saks- both in a medium brown. They weren't as heavily discounted though- around $400.
  9. The NR near DTC has been disappointing for me, but I always keep looking just in case. It sounds like other folks here have had better luck with that one. They also have a nice selection of shoes for those of us with big feet.
  10. I was also at the NR at Potomac Mills yesterday and I saw two chloe Ollie bags (distressed leather with studs) and they were around $599. Please check the bags you purchase from NR carefully - I also saw a MJ multipocket and one of the studs on the side by the handle was missing.