MC's speedy scare the hell out of me

  1. this is the reason... recently i found an mc speedy for sale by let-trade. it said 699$, i thought that it's a great offer from a great seller. but when i open up the auction and found these pictures. :hysteric: it really scares me.
    i mean, HOW can it happens? all the scratches and the blue LV rubbs half off :throwup: OMG!!!
    it'll end up to be a plain LV black speedy in a few years
    lv-p33-05.jpg lv-p33-10.jpg lv-p33-12.jpg lv-p33-14.jpg lv-p33-22.jpg
  2. I remember reading on the LV website that the MC wears in time. This is one of the reasons I never purchased one. On the other hand this bag looks very used. The patina is ick!
  3. :crybaby: = If bags had feelings
  4. Someone beat the s*** out of that bag. The previous owner totally did not take care of it.
  5. My dog takes care of her Chewy Vuitton better!:tender:
  6. yes, i know that they wear off, but this is really scary. the patina is acceptable, but the logo rub offs is way too scary
    i wonder if cerises will end up like this too? i just purchased one...
  7. I think it all comes down to how you take care of the bag.
  8. I'm going to say abuse!! Someone didnt take care of their bag.
  9. That is why I sold my cherry blossom wallet; it was too expensive just to put it in a dust cover and leave it on the shelf.
  10. ^ Not to scare you, but I think I read somewhere that the cersises do indeed fade/rub off after a while. Can anyone confirm that?
  11. I believe they do as well...
  12. I have a MC wapity and it says in the care book that the colors will wear in time giving it an aged look basically.
  13. yeah, i hope so.
    i'm usually not a very careful person when handling my bags, but for now, i sure will. seeing this is like having a nightmare and now i woke up and promised to love my mc's and cerise :P
    thanks lisa
  14. Silk screening technique is the same to apply so yeah. :crybaby:

    The colours are coming off of my cles as well, but it was highly abused by its previous owner. I wish the colours were more permanent, but that's the price you pay I suppose !