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  1. Has anyone tried it? I keep hearing about this mythical sandwich and how it's like the HG of fast food. If anyone has tried it please report back. I'm almost tempted to try to find one just to see what all the fuss is about. :P
  2. I have never tried one and don't think I ever will. Something about the combination of McDonalds and BBQ grosses me out and makes me want to vomit. No idea why. I am curious to hear if they taste like real BBQ!
  3. ^^I'm the same way! If you try one, OP, report back and let us know.
  4. i never tried one and don't want to.
    it is like some kind of pork formed to look like a boneless rib. i don't even want to imagine what the meat really is.
  5. I didn't know they were brought back. I had a few in the 90s. They weren't that great. I love a good bbq sauce and I was not a fan of McD's bbq sauce.
  6. Oh, I just assumed it was beef...

    Thanks, Aslan. I have never even seen them in my town so I don't think I will be trying one anytime soon.
  7. They always bring it back around thanksgiving. I've had it, it's decent nothing to rave about or chase after. It's basically the same bbq sauce they give with their nuggets. Although I do know people who eat it everyday when they do bring it back.
  8. I think the preformed rib shape is funny...I've never tried one either. Don't really have a desire to.
  9. I had one a long time ago. It's not that good. The "rib" is really soft.
  10. If you've ever had Gardenburger Riblets it's almost exactly like that in texture and flavor. It's not bad, but not something I'd go out of my way to eat.
  11. No to McRib, but I wish they would bring back the cheddar burger. It had a burger, grilled onions and cheddar sauce on it.
  12. Tried it and hated it. The BBQ 'rib' sandwiches I for lunch in middle school were better......and that doesn't say much.
  13. i always hear people rave about these... but i have yet to try one. not sure why... in middle school i loved the 'rib' sandwhich that is exactly like this lol
    and i love mc donald's bbq sauce.

    i guess now that i'm older i get a little weirded out by meat formed into a shape??
  14. If you have had applebees riblets it's like those.
    It's got onions and pickles on it, too...
    I don't like the bun which is corndusted. It's really not a quality sandwich,
    but since it's only seasonal I too, fall into it's mystical trap, lol.
    I like it though, but my parents think it's garbage...
    But I love junk food though!
  15. never had it. but it makes me remember that 1 episode of yes dear where jimmy talks about how awesome the mcrib was and how "even the bones were made out of meat" lol.